Tulsa Mayor GT Bynum will join Saint Francis Health System after leaving office

Tulsa Mayor GT Bynum will join Saint Francis Health System after leaving office

Tulsa Mayor GT Bynum will join Saint Francis Health System after leaving office

Mayor GT Bynum stepped into the Saint Francis lobby on Monday as a future employee.

He joins the health system as vice president of community and government affairs.

“To me, this is the opportunity of a lifetime,” said Mayor Bynum.

He said he would start immediately after he left office.

“I can’t wait to get to work here. I want to finish strong as mayor. I don’t want to sit around ready for work, I want to get to work the day after our new mayor is sworn in,” Mayor. Bynum said.

Saint Francis Health System has 11,000 employees, but until now has not had anyone in the role created for Bynum, according to the hospital’s CEO, Dr. Cliff Robertson.

Bynum said that through the pandemic and other tragedies, he has been impressed with how the Saint Francis staff has responded.

That and his own Catholic upbringing and faith, he said, made accepting the job an easy decision.

“I feel that everything I have done in my life has prepared me to serve this institution,” said Mayor Bynum.

Mayor Bynum, by his count, has 167 days left in office and said he still has a lot to do at City Hall.

He sees the Saint Francis job as the next step in public service, building on what he brings from 16 years in local government.

The next mayor will not be chosen by voters until the end of August.

Mayor Bynum is committed to working with whoever is elected to make a smooth transition.

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GT Bynum, Tulsa’s 2016 mayor, is set to join Saint Francis Health System as vice president of community and government affairs after his term ends this year.

Saint Francis Health System President and CEO Dr. Cliff Robertson announced the hiring on Saturday.

“GT Bynum has been a visionary leader for the city of Tulsa and we are proud to add him to the Saint Francis team,” Dr. Robertson said in a press release. “I was able to work closely with Mayor Bynum following the 2022 tragedy at the Natalie Building and found him to be an intelligent and compassionate leader who allows strategy and data to drive the best decisions available.”

Saint Francis said the incumbent mayor will oversee community and government affairs, joining the team after leaving office in December.

Mayor Bynum said he loves Saint Francis Health System and the work it provides to the community.

“I love Saint Francis Health System – the team, the mission, the culture of excellence instilled by the Warren family and the health care leaders in our community for 64 years,” said Mayor Bynum. “I love serving the heroes who save lives, and I’m so grateful to be able to use what I’ve learned from a quarter-century of public service to benefit Saint Francis Health System.”

Before running for mayor, Bynum served on the Tulsa City Council for eight years. He was re-elected in 2020.