Banned chess player Karun Duggal sends legal notice to AICF and seeks INR 1 million in damages

Banned chess player Karun Duggal sends legal notice to AICF and seeks INR 1 million in damages

Banned chess player Karun Duggal sends legal notice to AICF and seeks INR 1 million in damages

Former Delhi-based two-time chess champion Karun Duggal on Monday clarified that he did not violate Indian Chess Federation rules after seeking compensation from the national body for stripping his Elo rating and banning him since 2010.

He served a legal notice to the AICF, demanding damages of Rs 1 million for stripping him of his Elo rating and barring him in 2010 from participating in any state and national tournaments on suspicion of being associated with AICF’s then-rival Chess Association. of India.

Recalling the same, Duggal thanked British grandmaster Nigel Short and Indian managing director Abhijeet Kunte for helping him restore his rating during a trial at the Competition Commission of India.

“In 2010, the AICF removed my rating despite the fact that I had not played in any tournament called ‘Unsanctioned’ by the AICF till that date and they did not allow me to participate in any tournament under the AICF,” he said. PTI.

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“Posting this, I along with three other chess players went to Delhi High Court and Gurpreet Pal Singh and I fought long before our ratings were restored in 2018 (by AICF) due to intervention British GM Nigel Short. .

“Gurpreet and I were mainly targeted and we took a stand and fought back. The AICF has sent letters to the Railways, where Gurpreet is employed, to stop him from playing even in departmental tournaments and to take action against him.” Duggal also disclosed that in addition to removing the ratings of approximately 150 players, approximately 2,500 players who participated in CAI tournaments were also banned.

He also revealed that AICF used to take an undertaking from players (even minors) that they will not participate in any chess tournament, which is not recognized by them (AICF).

After barring those players, who played in the so-called “unauthorized chess events”, to allow them to enter the District/State or any open chess tournaments recognized by the AICF, the national body offered a single leniency based on a letter of apology from the player. , along with prize money won from so-called “unauthorized chess tournaments”.

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“First of all, the AICF kept telling us that we played in unauthorized tournaments and that about 150 players had their ratings removed by FIDE at the behest of the national body,” Duggal continued.

“Secondly, the AICF took the names of around 2,500 (Indian) players from who participated in the CAI chess tournament and compiled the list. The names were sent to the state associations and they were told that they should not be allowed to participate in any tournaments.

“Thirdly, the AICF issued a warning to the players and instructed them to sign an undertaking and remit their tournament winnings to CAI in order to be eligible to play in the AICF tournaments.” The 50-year-old, now a government school teacher, was stunned as to why the AICF never gave these players any solid reason to have their rating removed and provisionally banned.

Duggal had an Elo rating of 1,989 in 2010 before being delisted by FIDE in 2010.

“Till now, I am perplexed to see that even after CAI Merger with AICF, why AICF continued to appeal against the CCI order? We were not given a reasonable explanation as to why we were not allowed to participate in any state/national tournament and were presumed ‘banned,’” he asked. “What actually happened was that CAI organized a tournament in Delhi. I was a national referee at the time and they asked me to help them run the tournament. And for this reason, the AICF banned me”. However, he admitted to participating in a CAI tournament after his rating was removed.

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Meanwhile, Duggal’s cause has also found support from Gurpreet, who feels compensation for the lost “peak hour” is a justified move.

“As our ratings have now been restored by FIDE (around 2019), we are free to participate in tournaments now. However, our ‘peak hour’ is gone and for that we are demanding the compensation,” said Gurpreet. .

“It should be the players’ choice as to which tournament they want to play. This is what the CCI ruled in its verdict and compensation for it is fully justified.” Asked when he plans to file legal notice with the AICF to seek compensation, he said he is awaiting final approval from his lawyer.

Efforts to reach the AICF for an explanation went unanswered.