Below Deck Mediterranean Season 9, Episode 3 Recap

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 9, Episode 3 Recap

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 9, Episode 3 Recap

Welcome to Under the Mediterranean deck Season 9 Episode 3! In this week’s episode, “Drifting Standards,” even as a new supplier gives Captain Sandy hope for a better charter, Jono’s cooking fails to impress. One of the guests gets “lost at sea” with the porter Nathan, causing Sandy to question her Bosun’s competence. Here are some of the highlights from Below Deck Mediterranean Season 9 Episode 3.

Romance gone

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When we last visited Below Deck Mediterranean, Gael and Nathan were looking for a place to find “no rooms”. He finds a seat in the starboard bow locker and sends her a message to join him. As she tries to tiptoe through the kitchen, she is stopped by a camera crew and mutters, “Oh shit.”

“Do you need a microphone?” one of them asks.

“I won’t talk (to anyone),” she replies. “I just get water very quickly.” And maybe “some strawberries” while you’re at it?

“Why? What am I thinking? What am I doing?” she asks herself. He then texts Nathan: “I just got caught on camera.”

“Hahaha,” Nathan replies. “There are no rooms on the bridge deck, I can go straight into the boss’s dressing room.” Oh, Nathan, cameras are EVERYWHERE.

But Gael lost his temper. “Haha, nah, let’s call it a night. Talk to you soon!” And she heads back up the stairs to her cabin. Sorry Nathan, no strawberries tonight.

“I’m still in a relationship,” Gael interviews. “I feel like I have stronger feelings than I need to have right now. I need to sleep.”

So that’s it. “Damn it! Damn it, Nathan muttered in frustration.

“I don’t want to pressure her or push her to make some stupid, stupid decision,” he says in a confessional. “I hope I won’t make things awkward, but that’s a risk I take any time!”

A new ship supplier makes everyone happy

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The next morning, Captain Sandy emails the supplier. Oh look! She is wearing her brand new wedding ring. So nice! Congratulations again, Sandy! We love a love story below the Mediterranean deck.

“The last charter was the worst supply experience I’ve ever had in my charter career,” she says in a confessional. “So we’re changing supply companies.” I would think so! We hope that the new providers will be much more professional.

Aesha is excited that Sandy has hired a new company. “Amazing! Fingers crossed this book will be much more reliable.”

Iain, Aesha and Jono join Sandy for a date with the preference sheet. The headliner for the new book is two-time Olympic tennis champion Gigi Fernández. Sandy says: “I actually had her as a charter client and we became friends after that. We had a great charter with them and that’s why they keep coming back.”

“The chef we had (back then) made seven courses at every meal,” adds the captain, looking at Jono, who doesn’t look terribly pleased. “Her expectations are high.”

One of the guests does not request mayonnaise, lamb, turkey, duck or pork. “He also has a gluten allergy,” Jono points out. “He hates seafood, while seafood is one of the most important requests (of others).” What the hell are they going to feed this woman?

Even though it will be a challenge, Sandy says, “I really want to please them. They’re used to getting what they want when they want it.”

Jono is worried about cooking for someone who has so many difficult restrictions. “Pressure makes us better,” Sandy encourages him.

When the supplies arrive, Aesha exclaims, “My goodness, an American supply company that actually knows how to supply!”

Jono almost cried with relief. “What great company!” Aesha yells. “They actually had things I wanted and they came on time!”

Not so tasty tacos

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For the guests’ first meal on the boat, Jono prepares the seafood tacos they requested. He says the last boat he worked on, the owners were from Mexico. “I’ll bring the spice,” he says. “The tacos will do the talking. They will say, “Eat me! eat me!” I hope they like spicy food, because they certainly don’t stick to spices.

As she carries the food to the guests, Ellie treads carefully with Jono. “After the last panini-gate trip,” she says, “I’m definitely biting my tongue… All I can do is continue to be professional and not let it affect my work at all.”

At the table, Jono may have gone overboard (see what I did there?) on the spice, as Gigi comments, “The spice in the rice, it tastes very distinct.”

“You like?”

“No,” she replies. “There’s something arrogant about that.” Could it be the cardamom? That doesn’t sound like something that belongs in tacos.

“Yeah, you’re right,” her friend agrees.

The rest of the group agrees. “Wow, that’s spicy!” says one of the group.

When Ellie asks how everything is, Gigi decides, “She’s not good Rachel (the chef from their last charter), but she’s good.”

Drifting on the sea

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Iain is happy with his crew. “I have a very good team,” he says. “Everybody is getting better. Things are going well. Nobody’s an idiot.” Don’t tempt fate, Iain.

Laura wants to paddleboard. After receiving permission, Nathan accompanies her.

But when they try to turn back, Nathan realizes they’re further than they should be. Instead of following the guests into the water, Joe is distracted by the ladies who want him to “take your shirt off!”

Trying to row back, Nathan interviews, “We’re actually going backwards because the current is so strong. So, yeah, we’re stuck at sea, and I’m screwing up.”

“What happened to Laura and Nathan?” someone finally asks.

“I’m way too far,” says Sandy.

Fortunately, a passing catamaran picks them up and returns them safely to Mustique. Sandy is not happy that they almost lost one of the guests. Iain bids to retrieve them and Sandy radios, “Come see me as soon as the guests are back on board.”

“It’s embarrassing,” she tells Joe. When she admits she should have kept an eye on them, Sandy calls it a “lesson learned.”

“I appreciate that Joe is in charge,” Sandy interjects. “But (regarding) Iain, you need two people watching the guests all the time. It’s Iain’s job as boss to delegate the security person.”

“Always keep an eye on the guests,” she tells him. “When guests are in the water on any toy, an auction person follows them. Always. Make them a priority.” Neither Nathan nor Laura were wearing a life jacket. He could have drowned.

Iain interviews that he didn’t know he was supposed to keep an eye on the guests in the water. Never worked on a yacht before?

“Go apologize to Gigi,” says Sandy.

“poop on a plate”

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When Sandy sees that Jono has prepared chicken as the main course, she is a little disappointed. “Waiting for a Mediterranean charter is five-star food,” she says in a confessional. “Gigi traveled the world. She has dined in some of the finest restaurants. Chicken is not something you serve on a super yacht. Everything has to be perfect.”

Gigi isn’t thrilled about the chicken either. “It’s just too much rosemary.”

“Everyone is quiet at the table,” Aesha observes. “Coming from someone who proclaims very loudly every time she loves food, I feel like it’s usually not great if people aren’t in awe of their seats.”

“How was the chicken?” she asks the guests. “Is OK?”

Julie Ann offers, “Mine came out pretty decent.” Not exactly a rave review.

When Aesha returns to the kitchen and sees what’s on offer for dessert, she exclaims, “Sponge cake?! It is the most boring of all cakes.” Even though I could forgive him for the cake because it’s chocolate, Jono added a spoonful of raspberry sorbet to the plate, which looks like an afterthought. Plus it’s raspberry, which I hate. damn Aesha calls her “poo on the set” in a confessional.

“You made me serve chicken and then I have to give them sponge cake?” she wailed. “Like, I have to be the face of all this shit.” It’s embarrassing.

When Aesha turns to ask the guests if it’s okay, Gigi says, “No, it could be more chocolate.” Instead of dwelling on the disappointing dinner, Aesha hastily moves them on to the next activity.

Cold eggs for breakfast?

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The next morning, Jono prepares Huevos Rancheros. But by the time the guests arrive at the table, the eggs have been sitting for an hour and a half. It’s disgusting. That’s not how it’s done below the Mediterranean deck, Jono.

“Okay Aesha, my egg is completely cold,” Gigi says. “If you could just bring a hot egg, that’s completely fine. There’s nothing worse than cold eggs.”

Later, when Gigi comes to visit Sandy on the bridge, she asks, “How was your breakfast?” Gigi admits the eggs were cold.

“So I sent them back because you can’t have cold eggs,” she adds. “These people don’t want to complain… Like, last night’s dinner, ‘Chef’s Choice,’ and that’s what you’re giving us?”

Gigi adds, “When you call something ‘deconstructed,’ it just means it didn’t work.” Not if you’re a good cook, it isn’t.

When Sandy asks about the chocolate cake for dessert, Gigi admits, “It wasn’t good. And then, the lunch had some spices, I couldn’t put it down. It was completely overwhelming. For example, I have a high standard.”

“Oh, I know,” Sandy sympathizes. “On a charter yacht, you want the food to be great.” These guests pay a lot of money to be on this boat. Five-star dining is expected.

“I know Gigi,” Sandy says in a confessional. “She wouldn’t complain just to complain.”

“I’m sorry,” Sandy says to her friend. “Thankyou for letting me know. We’ll fix it.”

As soon as Gigi leaves the bridge, the captain radios, “Jono, Jono, can you please come on the bridge?” Uh oh. Someone is in trouble.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.