Amarillo man saves children from car fire

Amarillo man saves children from car fire

Amarillo man saves children from car fire

We always want to praise people who do heroic things, and we see a lot of these things happening in Amarillo every day. You’d imagine everyone else would want to give someone a pat on the back for doing something like that.

Well, we just had something like that happen here, and unfortunately, someone big decided NOT to praise this person for his heroic act and quick thinking.

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According to a Facebook post, a Walmart security guard noticed a car on fire and ran into the parking lot to help. On the way, he took a fire extinguisher to help put out the fire.

When he got to the car, he noticed that there were children in the car. The security guard acted quickly and started spraying the fire extinguisher on the car. This act undoubtedly saved some lives and even young people.

Unfortunately, Walmart didn’t see the act the way everyone else did. While this guard was being labeled a hero by everyone around him, his employer was busy scolding him for what he had done.

As you can see in the post above, the guard eventually got in trouble with his bosses for leaving his post no matter what happened. There are several comments about why people think he got in trouble for doing this.

Whatever the reason, Walmart should NOT agree with this employee. And if someone walked away with a few hundred dollars in merchandise they didn’t buy. You have insurance, it’s covered.

And if the guard got hurt trying to save more lives with this act. I’m sure your company can handle medical expenses for a sprained ankle or whatever, right?

What you cannot replace are the lives that may have been lost in this event. For that, he is a true hero, regardless of what his employer may think or feel. I’m glad to see that he’s looking for a new job, because if you can’t appreciate this type of employee, you’ll never appreciate anyone.

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