Below Deck Medical Recap: Captain Sandy is unhappy about an embarrassing mistake

Below Deck Medical Recap: Captain Sandy is unhappy about an embarrassing mistake

Below Deck Medical Recap: Captain Sandy is unhappy about an embarrassing mistake

Below Deck Captain Sandy Is Not Happy When Guests Float Too Far From The Boat: 'It's Embarrassing'
Fred Jagueneau/Bravo

Captain Sandy Yawn he was not happy with some of them Under the Mediterranean deck team when a situation left a guest stranded by the boat for 45 minutes.

On the Monday, June 17, episode of Bravo’s hit series, boss Iain Maclean he was pleased with the progress the deck crew were making.

“The season is still early, but I have a very good team,” he said in a confessional. “Everybody is getting better and things are going well. Nobody’s an idiot.”

It didn’t take long for a problem to arise when guests wanted to play in the water. In addition to swimming, the outdoor team prepared the slide, several WaveRunners and paddle boards. Deckhand Nathan Gallagher he was asked by a guest to join him on a separate paddleboard in the ocean while the others stayed closer to the boat.

Captain Sandy: Hannah is

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While both Joe Bradley and Gael Cameron Initially eyeing the guests, Iain sent Gael away for a three-hour break and apparently didn’t notice that Nathan was nowhere to be seen. Nathan and the guest were then seen worried about how far they had drifted from Mustique.

“It’s too far. We’re gone,” Nathan said before explaining to the cameras. “We’re trying to row back to the yacht, but we’re actually going backwards because the current is so strong. So yeah, we’re stuck at sea. I’m hitting the myself.”

Joe was the first to notice Nathan’s disappearance, saying, “Where the hell are these two? It’s really embarrassing.” Before Iain was alerted to the problem, Nathan and the guest were already on their way back from a catamaran ride.

Sandy, however, was not pleased to hear that a guest was stuck for 45 minutes.

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“That doesn’t make me happy. It’s embarrassing,” she told Iain of the mistake. “No one really followed them. Lessons learned.”

After Joe took responsibility for not noticing where Nathan was, Sandy explained why Iain was more to blame, adding: “I appreciate Joe was responsible but that goes back to Iain. You need two people to watch the guests at all times. It’s Iain’s job to delegate a security guard.”

She continued: “I’m not happy. Always keep an eye on guests if they are on any toys. The person in an auction is following them, make it a priority.”

Medicines below deck Captain Sandy defends the cook when he refuses to get up at night to cook
Fred Jagueneau/Bravo

Season 9 of Under the Mediterranean deck had a rough start in every department. Initially, the problem was with the supply company, which left the indoor team with none of the items they needed for their first charter.

“I understand that sometimes you can’t get everything the customer asks for. You are in different parts of the world with different things stored. It’s abnormal not to get a shipment of wine and rosé,” she noted earlier this month. “Given how badly this supply company has messed up, we’re going to need some changes after this book.”

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Sandy was also caught in the middle when chef Johnathan Shillingford he wouldn’t be up making food for guests late at night. The captain defended Johnathan, but the second stew Elena Dubaich he got angry as a result.

“I busted my ass and it became all about waking up the cook,” Elena said through tears. Johnathan also reacted to his and Elena’s problems during a phone call with someone, saying, “That bitch is going to drive me crazy.”

Under the Mediterranean deck season 9 airs on Bravo Mondays at 9pm ET. New episodes air the next day on Peacock.