Country artist Wyatt Flores performs the song Milwaukee at Summerfest

Country artist Wyatt Flores performs the song Milwaukee at Summerfest


Wyatt Flores performing his song “Milwaukee” in Milwaukee on the opening day of Summerfest is something of a redemption story.

You see, last June, Flores opened for Charley Crockett at The Rave about seven months before the single was officially released.

Flores wasn’t ready to perform live, he said, but his manager at the time encouraged him to try. Only Flores and his keyboardist made the attempt.

“I didn’t even know the words,” Flores said. “I completely butchered it… I remember trying to play it and I was like, ‘This is going so low right now. It’s not going as it should.”

How the song unfolded Thursday night on the city’s lakefront couldn’t have been more opposite.

“Milwaukee” has been out for about five months now. Flores had his full band accompanying him. And, the words? He nailed them – and so did the crowd.

“I hope it’s the Milwaukee anthem,” he told the Journal Sentinel after the show. With the way the crowd sang it? It is well on its way.

Besides, Flores got to have a lot of fun with him this time.

Before the show, he tweeted: “Part of me thinks it would be the funniest thing ever not to play Milwaukee in Milwaukee tomorrow 😂😂.”

Before playing it, he acted like his set was over.

“I knew it was going to be a lot of fun, but it was more fun to tell people I was done playing. And then watching them start screaming,” he said with a laugh. “And then, to get right into the song. It was definitely the highlight of the whole setlist was just doing that. And man, watching their faces just light up meant the world.”

After the show, he shared a clip of the show on X and said, “I didn’t choose the violence @Summerfest that was so much fun, thanks for coming out to Milwaukee ❤️.”

Here’s how the song “Milwaukee” came about and what it’s all about:

How Wyatt Flores’ Song “Milwaukee” Came to Be

“I wasn’t even supposed to be part of that writing,” Flores said. “But my friend invited me in and I ended up writing with two other guys.”

One of those people was singer/songwriter Graham Barham.

“When we sat down, Graham Barham immediately said, ‘Somewhere in Milwaukee, there’s snow covering concrete. And, that’s how the whole song started. So really shout out to Graham for spitting that out of his head.”

Fun fact: Barham will be playing the Hodag Country Festival in Rhinelander on July 14th.

What is the song “Milwaukee” by Wyatt Flores about

“Seriously, the whole song is just about, you know, being in love with someone but not being able to fully commit — and being afraid,” Flores said. “And just regretting that decision to not fully make the next move. And seeing it all fall apart right before your eyes.”

What Wyatt Flores likes about Milwaukee

The people.

“They’re really nice to us every time we come — and they’re rowdy as hell,” Flores said.

“Beer from here” which is “something about a cow”.

I caught you! Spotted cow.

“The Spotted Cow is a very good thing,” he said.

And third, a restaurant a few blocks from The Rave that he went to with the whole band once when he was in town. He said he “absolutely” loved it and wanted to go back. Miss Katie’s Diner, maybe?