Florida water park owner sues SeaWorld over slide accident

Florida water park owner sues SeaWorld over slide accident

A woman is suing SeaWorld over an incident she says took place at the Aquatica water park in June 2023.

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A water park attendee suffered “serious and permanent injuries” during an incident at SeaWorld’s Aquatica, according to a recent lawsuit.

She is suing SeaWorld for more than $50,000, according to the lawsuit filed in Orange County on June 13.

McClatchy News reached out to SeaWorld and its attorneys for comment, but did not immediately hear back on June 20.

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Last June, Melissa Velazquez visited Aquatica Orlando, owned by SeaWorld, the lawsuit states.

The Vero Beach woman entered a kid-friendly section of the park called Walkabout Waters, then walked to the top of a blue slide and went down, according to the lawsuit.

But the lawsuit says there was no lifeguard monitoring that slide to prevent another person from going down before she bottomed out. Before she could get up and leave the slide, another adult patron “violently” kicked her into her, she said in the lawsuit.

As a result, Velazquez said she suffered hospital bills, anguish and loss of enjoyment of life, among other problems, according to the lawsuit. McClatchy News has reached out to Velazquez’s attorney for more information about her injuries and is awaiting a response.

Velazquez says SeaWorld was negligent by not providing enough lifeguards or attendants, failing to warn customers of dangerous conditions and not having enough staff available for emergencies.

Previous processes

In September 2023, a woman sued Disney for negligence, saying the force of the water at the bottom of a steep slide was so severe that she received a wedgie that sent her to the hospital with gynecological injuries.

The lawsuit is ongoing, with Disney denying wrongdoing.

In April 2024, SeaWorld received another lawsuit on behalf of Aquatica by a parent who says her minor daughter was hit by a rock at the water park. SeaWorld denies it is responsible.