National Cyber ​​Director Harry Coker Jr. and team visit Historic Greenwood in Tulsa, Oklahoma

National Cyber ​​Director Harry Coker Jr. and team visit Historic Greenwood in Tulsa, Oklahoma

National Cyber ​​Director Harry Coker Jr. and team visit Historic Greenwood in Tulsa, Oklahoma

TULSA, Okla. and WASHINGTON, June 21, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Enabled June 20White House Office of the National Cyber ​​Director, led by the White House National Cyber ​​Director Harry Coker Jr.visited Historic Greenwood as part of their National Cyber ​​Workforce and Development Tour.

Hosted by Black Tech Street, a local organization dedicated to reviving historic Black Wall Street as an innovative economy based on cybersecurity and artificial intelligence, National Cyber ​​Director Coker Jr. visited The University of Tulsa where he spoke with UTulsa leadership, staff and students about their experiences.

He then traveled to Oklahoma State University-Tulsa, where he spoke at a public event next door Tulsa Primary GT BynumTulsa Innovation Labs Director of Grants and Policy Justin Kittsand founder and CEO of Black Tech Street Tyrance Billingsley IIfollowed by a round table of Tulsa leaders and officials. National Cyber ​​Director at the White House Harry Coker Jr had this to say:

“I am aware that I stand on sacred ground today as I address you in the Greenwood Historic District here in Tulsa. Today, I will have the opportunity to visit the site of Black Wall Street, a space where African Americans – for many generations after the Civil War – thrived,” said Director Coker. “More than 100 years after their work began to create not just a self-sustaining business district, but economic opportunity and generational wealth, we stand here on their shoulders. And here we are again, looking for innovation. And let’s hope. Their fearless example is what we remember and what we allow to inspire us today.”

Tyrance Billingsley IIThe founder and CEO of host organization Black Tech Street had this to say about the visit:

“It was a tremendous honor for Black Tech Street to host Director Coker Jr. and ONCD in Historic Greenwood. The essence of our work here is pioneering a new narrative and mechanism for how to over-index black and minority talent in critical technology areas like cyber and AI, not only for economic stability, but also to ensure the technological leadership of United States for the next half century.

Greenwood is a special example not only in black history but in American history of what is possible when usually marginalized populations are intentionally mobilized. Black Wall Street in the 21st century has an opportunity to once again lead the way in launching a new strategy for mass mobilization of marginalized communities in the industries of the future.”

A critical part of this vision is The University of Tulsaone of the leading cyber institutions in the country. Chad Raduegeexecutive director of UTulsa’s Oklahoma Cyber ​​Innovation Institute and retired U.S. Air Force brigadier general, shared his thoughts: “As the institute and its community partners strive to meet the global demand for cyber talent and technology, we are delighted to welcome Director Coker. Tulsa and the university. Our goal is to develop a highly educated workforce, trained in cutting-edge technology and prepared to meet real-world cyber challenges.”

President UTulsa Brad R. Carson echoed Raduege’s sentiment: “The University of Tulsa has been a nationally recognized leader in cyber education and research for 25 years. We attract top faculty and support critical research projects in collaboration with federal agencies, Fortune 500 corporations, global nonprofits, and private entrepreneurs. And we’re eager to share more about these relationships and opportunities with the White House.”

Tulsa Primary GT Bynum he also shared the importance of cyber security and advanced technologies in the city Tulsa showing the unique role Tulsa has in this industry.

“For the past seven years, as mayor, I have placed a primary focus on how we govern and manage information technology at City of Tulsa and the absolute commitment to building cybersecurity capability,” Tulsa Primary GT Bynum said. “The foundation for advancing cyber security is laid through our higher education institutions and organizations like Black Tech Street and City of Tulsa is committed to supporting and investing resources to be a leader in this space.”

With new advances in artificial intelligence, quantum computing, and autonomous systems all heavily intertwined with cybersecurity, Black Tech Street and beyond Tulsa I hope Director Cokers will visit with the work they currently hope will be enhanced by their recent designation as a Tech Hub by the Economic Development Administration, which will serve as a national example and call to action for America to embrace these new technologies, providing future generations with a secure system. and prosperous future.

About Black Tech Street

Black Tech Street is an organization dedicated to reviving historic Black Wall Street as a world-class innovation economy based on cybersecurity, business intelligence and responsible artificial intelligence. Its goal is to make 21st Century Greenwood the model for catalyzing holistic emerging technology transformations in communities of color and marginalized communities across the country and to ensure that America wins the “Emerging Technology Race.”

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Founder and Executive Director
Black Tech Street
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