Proud dad recreates throwback photo of his 2 sons as they graduate, people react

Proud dad recreates throwback photo of his 2 sons as they graduate, people react

Proud dad recreates throwback photo of his 2 sons as they graduate, people react

  • A Nigerian man has shared a video on TikTok showing him and other members of his family growing up
  • A throwback photo showed him as a child standing with his father and brother side by side
  • However, the end of the post revealed how much they have all grown over the years and praised God for helping his family.

A Nigerian man has given thanks to God as he shows his family’s amazing transformation.

In an emotional video, he showed how he, his brother and father have grown and shined over the years.

Nigerian father recreates throwback photo with son
Nigerian man shows family growth Photo credit: @ejikeraphael11/TikTok.
Source: TikTok

The man shares 2 photos that define growth

The young man identified as @ejikeraphael11 on the TikTok app shared the post in response to a tweet asking people to define growth with two images.

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“With two images, define growth,” the post read.

Raphael shared a photo showing him and his brother sitting next to their father.

The after photo showed how much they’ve transformed over the years, and netizens applauded the family.

They recreated the throwback photo and this time, the boys-turned-men posed in their graduation gowns, with their father standing proudly between them.

“I’m the guy in pink. It’s our savior awada’s primary school,” the man said.

Reactions as the man shows the growth of the family

Social media users stormed the comments section of the TikTok app to react to the viral video.

@lizzybabe said:

“I went to the same school as that guy, the one on the left who wore sports clothes, because I used to wear the same thing when I was little, it’s Bethlehem.”

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@MaureenGold wrote:

“I followed you because of this picture. The growth is massive.”

Babe0765 asked:

“Please, if I may ask what year was this? Because that’s when I wore this uniform.”

Watch the video below:

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