Celebrating the amazing work of professionals

Celebrating the amazing work of professionals

Celebrating the amazing work of professionals

The day marks a fitting tribute to the centenary of the Women’s Engineering Society (WES), which was founded on 23 June 1919 and was recognized by UNESCO.

History:June 23rd was officially declared National Women in Engineering Advocacy Day in the UK in 2014. In just two years, the day has been endorsed by UNESCO, raising awareness worldwide. The day was then celebrated internationally for the first time in 2017, establishing its status as a significant day honoring the powerful contributions made by women in the engineering community.

Engineering Careers:The field of engineering is a global one, and women engineers have access to an incredible and stimulating range of jobs. In addition, engineering is a prestigious field. The work is fresh, demanding and gives visible results. It also strikes a wonderful balance between creative and technical tastes.

Meaning: The important contributions made by women in IT engineering are highlighted on International Women in Engineering Day. From the perspective of several industry experts, it’s clear that fostering an inclusive and nurturing environment is critical to sparking creativity and accelerating digital transformation.

Companies have shown through their programs and initiatives how important it is to have diverse leadership, mentorship and sustainable practices to create a vibrant community for IT engineers. Women in engineering also act as a reminder of the ongoing challenges they must overcome, such as underrepresentation and gender bias.

We can ensure a vibrant and just future in technology by empowering women and providing them with ongoing support and opportunities for growth. Honoring the achievements of today’s women engineers opens the doors for the next generation to succeed and lead in the rapidly changing technology sector.

Some famous and successful engineers from India:

  1. Ayyalasomayajula Lalitha:Ayyalasomayajula Lalitha was the first woman to enroll in Chennai’s engineering college in 1940, defying gender stereotypes. After earning her electrical engineering degree in 1944, she served as an inspiration to many other women engineers.
  2. Ila Ghose: Ila Ghose, the first Indian woman engineer from West Bengal, founded the Mahila Polytechnic in Dhaka, Bangladesh, thereby promoting women’s engineering education.
  3. Shakuntala Bhagat:Renowned civil engineer Shakuntala Bhagat founded her company Quadricon, revolutionizing bridge design and winning the Women Engineer of the Year award in 1993. More than 70 bridges were created by her in her career.
  4. Leelamma George Koshie:At the age of 19, Leelamma graduated from Guindy College of Engineering with a degree in civil engineering in 1944. He studied town planning in England, broadening his horizons.
  5. Rajeshwari Chatterjee: Rajeshwari earned a Ph.D. in electrical engineering in the United States due to her passion for science and math. She became the first woman engineer in Karnataka in 1953.
  6. Anuradha TK: As the first woman satellite project director at ISRO, Anuradha TK made history and greatly helped India’s space endeavours.
  7. PK Thressia:PK Thressia became the first woman in India to hold the prestigious position of chief engineer in a public works department after graduating from COE Guindy in 1944.
  8. Sudhira Das: The Women’s Polytechnic was established in Bhubaneswar by Sudhira Das, the first woman engineer in Odisha, which gave women access to technical education.
  9. Tessy Thomas: In 1988, Tessy Thomas demonstrated her outstanding engineering skills and commitment to India’s defense by playing a crucial role in the ballistic missile design process at DRDO.