For Bay County help man clean up the storm

For Bay County help man clean up the storm

PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) – After a surgical procedure limited a Bay County man’s ability to lift heavy weights, a local group teamed up to help clean up the fallen debris.

Six months after the Jan. 9 tornadoes, one Youngstown family is still picking up the pieces.

Randall Addison said he is working to clean up what was once parts of his home before he had prostate surgery. Code enforcement worked with Addison throughout his situation. But he feels time is running out to bring his property up to standard. Feeling hopeless, he asked a nearby church for help.

“We had a gentleman say he had some damage from the tornadoes,” said Daniel Smith, pastor of Bayou George Christian Church and organizer of the Cleanup. “And so he contacted some of our church members and got me”

Smith said he agreed to do the cleanup not because Addison was a Christian, but because someone in the community needed help.

“We are partnering with For Bay County. And we’re just a bunch of Christians coming together to help people. That’s all. It’s who we are. And this is the life we ​​should live.” Smith continued.

There were about 20-30 people who witnessed this cleanup today. All from about three or four different churches.

The men and women of Fore Bay County helped replace the roof of Addison’s shed, cut down dead trees and clean up fallen debris. All things that left Addison and his family emotional.

“It’s awesome. It’s really exciting,” said Randall Addison, a Youngstown homeowner whose yard For Bay County helped bring back up to standard. “I’m not used to this. They’re going to spoil me.”

This selfless effort he has shown for Bay County is described in three numbers and one word, 850 strong!