New JJ McCarthy theory, different WR3 idea, Vikings fan favorite

New JJ McCarthy theory, different WR3 idea, Vikings fan favorite

Viking territory Purple rumor mill is a two-day chronicle every week. All the rumors of the week are broken down and divided into two places – Saturday and Sunday articles – for review. Today is the June 23 edition.

Purple Rumor Mill: A new JJ McCarthy theory, another WR theory, Vikings fan favorite

Remember – rumors are rumors. What you read over the weekend in these pieces is what the world is talking about regarding the Vikings, not necessarily articles that will come to fruition.

Here is the second batch of the week. Yesterday’s can be read here.

Rumor: JJ McCarthy could take over the QB1 reins in Week 9.

NFL Draft 2024 Minnesota Vikings. Watch QB JJ McCarthy address the media at the TCO Performance Center on Friday. The Vikings traded a spot on the draft board with the New York Jets for McCarthy.

That theory came from former Vikings general manager Jeff Diamond, who writes for the The 33rd team (and Viking Territory).

Diamond explained this week: “Darnold will probably get that start, but can he keep his job when there are five 2023 playoff teams to face in the first seven weeks? The bye comes early in Week 6 before the Lions game, so a poor start could catapult McCarthy to that point. However, that would force him to debut against the defending division champs. The Rams are coming off a short week with a Thursday night game in Week 8.”

Week 9 and a matchup with the Indianapolis Colts then became Diamond’s tentative target.

McCarthy’s takeover date is a guessing game, but Diamond’s theory makes sense. Week 9 seems like a wise time to hand McCarthy the QB1 baton, at least when speculating a few months ahead.

Rumor: Jalen Nailor is actually the favorite to win the WR3 job.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports.

ESPN’s Kevin Seifert wrote of Nailor this week: “In limited playing time in his first two NFL seasons and, more importantly, in practice, he’s proven a slippery target that defenders have trouble tracking. In two seasons, he took 160 total snaps and ran routes on 72 of them. Vikings quarterbacks targeted him on 20 of those routes, and he caught 12 for 208 yards and a touchdown.”

Seifert then quoted head coach Kevin O’Connell: “Jalen has always been a guy who, when he’s healthy and on the court, shows up every opportunity he gets. This is our challenge to him. Sometimes things get out of your control and we understand that, but for him to take that next step, we’re going to have to see him out there a lot as part of that group.”

That sounds like a WR3 endorsement – if Nailor can stay healthy.

Rumor: Vikings fans don’t want JJ ​​McCarthy starting in Week 1.

Thomas Shea-USA TODAY Sports.

Vikings fans have really has warmed to the idea of ​​Sam Darnold since September. It’s not just what they think it will happen – that’s what they want.

What the detail?

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