The community packs Carmen Park for MPD’s “Safe Summer Kick-off.”

The community packs Carmen Park for MPD’s “Safe Summer Kick-off.”

The community packs Carmen Park for MPD’s “Safe Summer Kick-off.”

MILWAUKEE — Children, community members and law enforcement officers packed Carmen Park on Saturday for their annual “Safe Summer Kickoff.”

The Milwaukee Police Department District 4 along with several community partners hosted the event. It was an afternoon filled with local food, music, sports and community resources.

“Food, a few different brands, music. It’s all for a good time,” smiled Officer Rainey of MPD’s 4th District.

Officials said they chose Carmen Park to help prevent crime in the area. Neighbors told TMJ4 they often hear fights in the park.

“Sometimes I hear gunshots. Adults fight, kids fight and just people fight all the time,” said 13-year-old London Sutton.

Sutton said he was happy to be able to spend Saturday at the park playing basketball surrounded by so many other kids.

“He’s pretty cute,” Sutton smiled. “People meet and get along, unlike what happens most of the time.”

This event comes after several shootings in parks in the past month. The most recent was a shooting in Washington Park Wednesday night that left a 17-year-old dead.

“We need to do more things like Washington Park. Even if it ended badly. Can you imagine all that there? There probably wouldn’t have been any incidents,” said Phil Martin, a neighbor.

He brought his grandchildren to Carmen Park.

“We’re just having fun playing basketball and eating food,” Myles Martin smiled.

MPD brought their horses, faith leaders prayed, and community groups like Safe and Sound also had meals.

“This brings the community out and makes them more aware of the resources. Many people do not know what is happening in the community and what is available to them. This is a drain on resources,” said Tameika Robinson, another neighbor.

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