Dr. Disrespect responds to rumors that he had sex with a minor

Dr. Disrespect responds to rumors that he had sex with a minor

Fans of streamer Herschel “Dr Disrespect” Beahm have been wondering why he was permanently banned from Twitch in 2020, and the possible reason has been revealed — and it’s not a good picture for Two-Time. Dr. Disrespect has responded to the allegations, and the streaming community isn’t sure what to think.

Dr. Disrespect sued Twitch a few years ago. He explained that the black mark on his record significantly affected his ability to get sponsors and earn money. Fans felt for the frustrated streamer, but now a former Twitch employee has shared with multiple sources that Dr Disrespect was actually permanently banned for having sex with a minor.

Former Twitch employee Cody Conners, who was part of the strategic partnerships department, claimed that Dr. Disrespect was banned four years ago for inappropriate behavior with a minor. He added that Two-Time was using Twitch Whispers, a direct message system on the streaming platform. The DMs revealed that Dr. Disrespect planned to meet the minor at TwitchCon. It wouldn’t be the first time the streamer has been accused of cheating on his wife, but a minor has never been known to be involved.

Many publications and influencers began reporting on Dr. Disrespect’s allegations. One was sports journalist Jake Lucky, who reported to X that the streamer was accused of questionable and worrisome behavior that led to his ban. Dr. Disrespect responded to this tweet with a sentiment that encouraged fans to support him.

While some fans noted that Jake shouldn’t be reporting on something so damning without any proof, many others were alarmed by Dr. Disrespect’s response. He stated that the matter had been “resolved” and “no wrongdoing has been admitted”. This made many feel that Dr. Disrespect was definitely guilty of getting out of trouble with a deal.

As the allegation continued to heat up, other prominent reporters and insiders began commenting on the issue. Trusted journalist Rod “Slasher” Breslau said several “credible sources” told him about Dr. Disrespect’s ban, but he didn’t feel comfortable commenting further.

But other former Twitch employees have suggested that Dr. Disrespect’s allegations are true, but have been forced to sit on the information for years. With no one really denying what happened, the streaming community began to feel even more strongly that Two-Time was guilty.

Earlier today, Dr. Disrespect commented on all the drama that has unfolded around the allegations. He said he was bound by “legal obligations” after the deal with Twitch, but wanted to make some kind of comment to defend himself.

“I did nothing wrong,” he tweeted. “All of this was investigated and resolved. Nothing illegal was found, no wrongdoing, and I was paid.”

He then changed the subject by stating that he will be streaming Elden Ring on Monday.

For now, it’s impossible to know what really happened to Dr. Disrespect and why he was forced to be permanently removed from Twitch. However, that didn’t stop streamers, sportswriters and fans from speculating about what might have happened.