Xcel Energy Celebrates 6,000 in Grants to 38 Nonprofits

Xcel Energy Celebrates $346,000 in Grants to 38 Nonprofits

Xcel Energy Celebrates 6,000 in Grants to 38 Nonprofits

Xcel Energy held a reception for nonprofit organizations in Texas and New Mexico last week, awarding $346,000 to 38 nonprofit organizations in those regions in recognition of the excellent work these community organizations are doing.

Grants were announced through the Foundation’s Focus Area Grants funding programs in the following categories.

STEM Career Pathways grants focus on K-12 project-based learning and inquiry experiences; post-secondary financial aid, mentoring and support services; diverse and inclusive learning environments for all; and training and development services for STEM careers.

Environmental sustainability grants fund disaster preparedness; community green spaces projects; environmental stewardship and conservation education; programs to restore, maintain and improve natural habitats; and conservation of natural resources, with an emphasis on water conservation.

Community Vitality provides case management funds and employment support services for disadvantaged populations; entrepreneurial endeavors that support local economies with a focus on diverse business leaders; amplifying diverse artists and art forms; and free, low-cost, and community outreach activities with a focus on historically marginalized groups.

Stephanie Pena, social investment manager for Texas and New Mexico for Xcel Energy, spoke about Thursday’s Amarillo event.

“Today, we are holding our annual Xcel Energy Reception to honor the nonprofits we have given to in our community,” said Pena. “This spring cycle, we are awarding $346,000 to 38 area nonprofits. It’s important to us to serve our community and make sure we can support our nonprofits by making an impact on those people in all the communities we serve.”

Pena said her organization selects nonprofits that align with Xcel’s three focus areas for which it supports funding, which include STEM pathways, environmental sustainability and community vitality. She said that throughout the year, Xcel provides about half a million dollars in grants to nonprofit organizations in this region. Pena also talked about other ways Xcel seeks to be a good steward of the community it serves.

“Xcel Energy has an incredible program where we allow our employees to go out and volunteer. We have a heart for our community, wanting to make a difference to those we serve every day, not only financially, but by giving of our time,” she added.

Having previously worked with nonprofits, Pena says she’s seen a great response from the organizations Xcel supports and knows how much it means to each nonprofit to have that support.

“I remember when we received funding from Xcel Energy as a nonprofit, it had an impact on our organization,” she said. “Dollars given to nonprofits really do make a difference because so many rely on the funding our organization provides. Much of the funding goes to programs that are in great need. With over 10 years of nonprofit experience, it’s incredible to be a part of a company like Xcel that gives back to our nonprofits and is able to support the many communities we serve.”