Wichita Falls Faith Mission adds resources amid extreme heat

Wichita Falls Faith Mission adds resources amid extreme heat

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (KAUZ) – As temperatures soar, one of the most vulnerable groups affected is those experiencing homelessness. The Wichita Falls Faith Mission is stepping up to provide support during these dangerously hot summer months.

Jeff Baker, Director of Shelter Operations at Faith Mission, emphasized the various resources and services available to help those in need.

“We leave our day rooms open all day long,” Baker said.

He assured that when the day rooms reach capacity, they have plans to accommodate everyone, ensuring no one is turned away.

“We have overflow room into our chapel, and we’re actually replacing some of the light fixtures with ceiling fans to help cool it off more. These are the main areas people come to. We also make sure they have everything they need to stay hydrated and cool when they leave the facility,” Baker added.

With temperatures soaring into the triple digits and real-feel temperatures exceeding 110 degrees, Faith Mission is also prepared to assist those suffering from heat-related illnesses as they come in.

“We work with United Regional and the Wichita Falls Police Department. Anytime we see anyone experiencing dehydration or heat stroke, we call them immediately to ensure first responders can get to them quickly,” Baker said.

For those experiencing homelessness who may not know about Faith Mission, Baker highlighted their mobile case management efforts.

“Twice a week, we go out into the community and some of the camps, taking cold drinks, hygiene packs, clothing, and providing welfare checks. We also invite them to the shelter,” he explained.

Baker also suggested ways the community can get involved in helping at a larger scale.

“We don’t condone individuals going into homeless camps. But something simple you can do is carry bottled water in your vehicle. If you see someone who looks thirsty, give them a bottle of water,” he said.

Additionally, Baker advised doing welfare checks. “If you see someone struggling or having a heat-related episode, calling the police non-emergency number can go a long way,” he noted.

As the summer heat intensifies, Wichita Falls Faith Mission continues to be a crucial support system for the homeless, providing relief and resources.

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