2 men questioned in connection with shooting outside Tulsa County courthouse

2 men questioned in connection with shooting outside Tulsa County courthouse

2 men questioned in connection with shooting outside Tulsa County courthouse

Two men are being questioned in connection with the shooting outside the Tulsa Courthouse.

The shooting happened Wednesday afternoon following a murder hearing in which a 12-year-old boy was accidentally killed in a gang-related murder.

Officers also found the car used in the shootings and it was taken into custody for evidence.

They say they also recovered some weapons and drugs.

Chaos erupted near 6th and Denver in downtown Tulsa when someone fired multiple shots and then drove off.

Officers from multiple agencies responded immediately.

“They ran to the fire, they met a lot of people on the ground, it was a lot of chaos,” said Major John Bryant of the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office.

Investigators said it began at a murder hearing for Alvin Chaplin, Salathiel Fields and Tajon Figures in a shooting after a party near a house near Cherry Street on New Year’s Day.

“The little 12-year-old boy Steven Bruner was killed sitting on his front porch,” said Steve Kunzweiler. “It had nothing to do with the beef that was going on with the shooters and somebody in the house.”

Kunzweiler was in that courtroom when some people became upset with a witness who was testifying and were filming a video and posting it on social media.

The judge cleared the courtroom of everyone except the victim’s parents.

“Ultimately, the Court basically ordered everyone out of the building as far as the testimony was concerned,” he said.

Major Bryant said deputies followed them all as they went outside.

“I couldn’t see them, then all of a sudden there was a series of shots,” Major Bryant said.

Major Bryant said situations like this don’t happen very often, but they are prepared for it because hundreds of thousands of people go through the court every year.

“It didn’t happen in court, so the system worked, the security worked, and I’m proud of that,” Major Bryant said.

They will have increased security in this case as it goes through the courts.

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