Glitter Magazine |  Halsey Teases New Single ‘Lucky’

Glitter Magazine | Halsey Teases New Single ‘Lucky’

To continue an exciting new era, Halsey took to social media to tease her upcoming single
Columbia Records/Jasmine Safaeian

To continue an exciting new era, Halsey took to social media to tease her next single “Lucky.”

On June 4, the “Bad at Love” singer ushered in a new era of music with the release of her lead single, “The End.” Since this new era began, the artist has been teasing his fans relentlessly, leaving mysterious clues and easter eggs on their website for fans to discover and dissect.

The “Colors” singer recently took to TikTok and other social media platforms to announce her next single, “Lucky,” while remaining as cryptic as ever.

On June 25, Halsey posted a promotional video on TikTok, including a snippet of the new single. The clip features the hot pink-haired indie artist wandering through a bubblegum pink bedroom. From the blurry camera footage to the artist’s outfit and hot pink hair, it’s clear from this video that the indie artist is taking on the aesthetic of an early 2000s pop starlet.

While walking through a pink bedroom, Halsey shoots a bright pink LED sign that reveals the title of the next single: “Lucky.”

This first clip is not the only teaser that fans have released. The “Without Me” singer released a second video on TikTok the next day. The video was built on the theme of the pop star from the beginning of the year and is from the perspective of the paparazzi following Halsey.

As the group follows the singer and takes pictures, a photographer asks the artist: “Why did your boyfriend break up with you? What did you do to make him angry?” Halsey, channeling the energy of a mid-2000s Britney Spears, replies, “You want to see?” The same snippet from the previous video plays again as the singer heads to their car.

The “Eastside” singer didn’t stop at TikTok to promote her new single. They also shared new photos on Instagram with lyrics from the legend’s latest single and posted a new profile photo on their website. As the artist has yet to reveal a release date for the single, fans are staying tuned for more news on “Lucky” and Halsey’s upcoming album.

Fans can stream Halsey’s music on all platforms.