These 100 new Kansas laws take effect July 1

These 100 new Kansas laws take effect July 1

These 100 new Kansas laws take effect July 1

Kansas lawmakers passed more than 100 new laws in the 2023-2024 session.


It may be almost six months into 2024, but July 1st will mark the beginning of new laws for the state this year.

Kansas lawmakers have passed more than 100 laws that will take effect this year, including health, education and child care laws.

July 1 is also the start of cashless tolling on the Kansas Turnpike. This means that while previously travelers had to stop at a toll booth to pay their tolls, they can now continue driving and pay through an online portal.

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So there are quite a few changes coming up in Kansas next month. Let’s take a look at some new laws you may not have heard of before they go into effect on Monday.

New state laws on health, child care and taxes

New health laws passed in the 2023-2024 session include bills that clarify privileges for institutional licensees, provide interstate privileges for dentists and dental hygienists, and allow schools to keep emergency medications for life-threatening conditions.

New childcare laws from next month include HB 2628which requires the Kansas Department of Children and Families to release information regarding a child death in which a person faces criminal charges for allegedly causing the death.

HB 2703 makes foster care a criterion for a student to receive at-risk services and programs. HB 2629 requests KDHE to provide a child’s death certificates to the Child Death Review Board. It also increases the number of board members on the evaluation board and allows for the compensation of those board members.

New tax laws coming into force include SB 15which increases the amount of the earned income tax credit under the Disability Employment Act. It also creates the transition fund for Kansas sheltered workshops and implements a grant program focused on facilitating employers’ transition to minimum wage employment for workers with disabilities. This law is effective upon publication by the Kansas Registrar.

HB 2098 offers a compensatory use and sales tax deduction when you buy or sell different vehicles within 120 days.

Another interesting law that goes into effect on Monday allows microbreweries to sell beer and hard cider to retailers, including clubs, venues and other drinking establishments.

With the passage of HB 2783, state agencies, cities and counties are no longer allowed to regulate or restrict the sale of vehicles based on their power source. The bill also allows state agencies and local governments to create their own vehicle power purchasing policies.

Some laws that have created more conversations this year include HB 2749which requires providers to report the reasons for abortions performed to the Kansas Department of Health and Environment.

These are just a few of the more than 100 new laws passed this session. You can see a complete list of bills passed during the 2023-2024 session on the Kansas Legislature website.

Lindsay Smith is a feature journalism reporter for the Wichita Eagle. She previously served as editor-in-chief of Wichita State University’s student newspaper, The Sunflower, for two years. She graduated from WSU in December 2022 with a degree in journalism.