Fargo Police: Arbors Community Cooperation Leads to Arrest

Fargo Police: Arbors Community Cooperation Leads to Arrest

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FARGO, ND (KVRR) – Fargo Police have arrested J’Veonte Logan in connection with the shooting death of Zion Brooks that happened Monday at The Arbors apartment complex in Fargo.

Police on Wednesday arrested Logan, who is also carrying Amire Logan, during a traffic stop on the 12th Ave. N of Fargo.

“Written and executed multiple search warrants, processed multiple evidence, and followed multiple leads that ultimately led to the development of probable cause and ultimately the arrest of a suspect in this case.”

Ahlfeldt said the arrest was made very publicly and police chose to stop Logan on the bridge because it limited his ability to run.

“This was a strategic place where we could stop that vehicle to limit the areas that someone could run or run.”

Police said they executed three warrants, two in Fargo and one in Moorhead, which led to the discovery of four firearms, one of which matched the caliber of the weapon used in the murder. Another gun was found to be stolen and another had been illegally modified.

Logan remains in the Cass County Jail.

Zion Brooks was a resident of The Arbors, who had moved to Fargo from Georgia. According to Ahlfeldt and Chief Dave Zibolski, he worked to improve his community.

“Really a good member of the community who worked with everyone else to try to keep that area safe. So it’s really a shame that this happened to him.”

Zibolski says the work done to increase police presence and improve relations with people living at The Arbors was important to this investigation.

“We have a lot of cooperation in The Arbors itself, and those kinds of relationships also help us quickly identify who may or may not be involved and give us significant investigative leads.”

Ahlfeldt said he believes this arrest would not have been possible without the cooperation they received from the community.

“I don’t think we would have gotten the same cooperation at The Arbors three years ago as we do today.”

Police say this is still an ongoing investigation.