Mysterious Rorschach test posters baffle the Wichitans, the town officials

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) – Mysterious artwork appearing in various Wichita locations around the city has some people wondering where it came from.

The posters were seen mainly in northwest Wichita, sparking online discussion about the identity of the artist.

One of the most recent posters was spotted near 13th and Waco.

City officials are also baffled by this phenomenon.

The city’s communications department said it is aware of the posters but has no information about the artist and is interested in learning more.

The Wichita Museum of Art said it had no information, but thought the idea of ​​an up-and-coming street artist in Wichita was interesting.

The Wichita Police Department said the artwork is not classified as vandalism.