WICHITA, Kan. (CAKES) – Kansans are getting ready for the first presidential debate of this campaign cycle, and many are planning on tuning in.

It’s the first ever presidential debate between an incumbent president and a former president.

“I don’t feel too promising about either of the candidates,” said Mackenzie Martine, Kansas voter.

“I think Biden’s gonna look like a fool like he always does,” said Robert Garner, Kansas voter.

“I’m 50/50 right now,” said Randy Kirkhart, Kansas voter.

“I’m unhappy with both candidates but I think many people are saying the same thing,” said Robert Ciski, Kansas voter.

“I hope Biden does well and speaks clearly and stays away from controversy,” said Kelly Schuhs, Kansas voter.

Kansans have many opinions about how Thursday night’s presidential debate will go.

Schuhs plans to tune in and thinks many others will too.

“People are attracted to sensationalism and controversy. And we really don’t know who’s gonna win so it’ll give us a hint,” said Schuhs.

This historic debate will feature the two oldest major candidates for the presidency.

The debate also has new rules like. No props or pre-written notes will be allowed, the candidates cannot speak with their staff during the debate and there will be no live audience.

“I think it’s a well set up debate. Hopefully they’ll cover issues and not personalities because that’s what we really want to hear,” said Terry Taylor, Kansas voter.

“I’m sure there’s going to be lots of name calling and probably some accusations that may or may not be true from both sides,” said Jimmy Gilbert, Kansas voter.

“The stakes are really high, but the expectations I think of from the public are very low for both candidates,” said Dr. Jay Steinmetz, political analyst and professor at Fort Hays State University.

Dr. Steinmetz says poll numbers show many Americans and Kansans aren’t thrilled with their choices.

“There’s low satisfaction with the candidates and there is a lot of discontent that’s brewing on both sides and I think a lot of it is age related but some of it’s also policy related as well,” said Dr. Steinmetz.

He says it’ll be interesting to see how Trump and President Biden frame their four years in office and leverage that during the debate.

“It almost seems like politics have become some sort of entertainment instead of actually figuring out solutions that can help solve problems that we face in our community,” said Gilbert.

“I hope that people will see the truth and actually go out and vote,” said Cris Bouck, Kansas voter.

Another thing that makes Thursday’s debate special is that this is the earliest general election debate in modern history.