Critical donations will keep Crosslines Ministries open |  KSNF/CODE

Critical donations will keep Crosslines Ministries open | KSNF/CODE

JOPLIN, Mo. — Community generosity helps an area food and clothing ministry stay open.

About a month ago, we reported that Crosslines Ministries in Joplin was experiencing a financial shortfall significant enough that it could force them to close their doors by early July.

But after seeing our story, members of St. Philip the Apostle Episcopal Church in Joplin decided they wanted to help.

Today (6/27), they presented Crosslines with a $2,000 check and launched a challenge.

“In fact, we are issuing a challenge to other churches in the area. St. Phillips was one of the original nine churches — the original nine churches that came together to form Crosslines Ministries — so we just wanted to rededicate ourselves to that effort,” said the Rev. Deacon Carol Peterson of the Episcopal Church of St. Philip the Apostle.

“We’re in a little bit better shape than we were before and we’re just very grateful for the donations, just like what St. Phillips is giving today,” said Carrie Pence, executive director of Crosslines Ministries in Joplin.

Pence says other companies and individuals saw our story and contributed.

During their busiest time of year, Pence says they provide food and clothing to up to 400 families a month.