A new roundabout opens in the Castle Pines area at Lagae Road

A new roundabout opens in the Castle Pines area at Lagae Road

A previously inconvenient road at a major entrance to Castle Pines, just off Interstate 25, has been rebuilt. City officials say the construction was done to increase safety and make traffic more manageable.

“This project is one of the city council’s priorities as it continues to focus on improving the city’s road infrastructure,” the city said in an announcement.

The project is at Lagae and Happy Canyon roads, just off the interstate, near the south end of town. It included realigning a portion of Happy Canyon Road in unincorporated Douglas County outside the city. It also included the following changes:

• Construction of a roundabout at the intersection with Lagae Road

• Construction of an east-west road segment connecting directly from the roundabout to the existing intersection of I-25 and Happy Canyon Road

• Building facilities, such as a detention pond, to improve stormwater management

• And making “minor changes” to the segment of Lagae Road immediately north of the roundabout, according to the city.

Some of these road changes are intended as early steps toward the planned reconstruction of Happy Canyon and the I-25 interchange, according to the city.

A common project

Part of the roadway in the roundabout project area is in Castle Pines, and part of it runs south of the city limits.

“That overlap of jurisdictions is one of the reasons why this is a joint project with the county that is being run by the city,” said Camden Bender, city spokesman.

The total project budget was about $5.4 million, with the county contributing $1.5 million and the city about $3.9 million, according to the city.

The project began at the end of February and the roundabout was opened in all directions on 24 June. There are no more temporary closures at that intersection, Bender said.

Given the road realignment, the street north of the roundabout is Lagae Road, and south of the roundabout — as well as the eastern portion that connects to the bridge — is Happy Canyon Road, Bender said.

Looking ahead

A stormwater retention pond, or clean water pond, as well as inlets and pipes for road drainage were also added as part of the project. Road drainage is complete, Bender said.

Crews will continue to work to complete a few tasks, such as stormwater pond improvements and initial landscaping preparation, but the work is expected to have minimal impact on traffic access, according to the city.

Nearby, construction on Happy Canyon Road and the I-25 interchange still isn’t expected to begin until 2026 or 2027, Bender said.

The second project replacement of the Happy Canyon Road bridge over I-25 will “accommodate current and future growth” and replace aging infrastructure, Bender said.