The third annual PTSD Walk brings out community members and first responders

Ocala, Fla. (WCJB) – Capping off June, which is PTSD Awareness Month, is the third annual PTSD Walk.

This morning, first responders and community members came together to walk two point two miles in honor of the 22 veterans a day who take their lives due to PTSD.

“I want to be able to inspire other counties to pick up the torch and lead the charge for PTSD awareness,” said Alex Caban, Health and Wellness Battalion Chief. “I also want them to know that with a proactive approach and preparation, your community has the power to help anyone who is struggling.”

With nearly forty thousand veterans living in Marion County, there were plenty of resources available at today’s event, with proceeds going to three different organizations to help veterans battle PTSD.

“Good things can happen after bad things and that we can grow stronger as a community and that we don’t have to get to the post-traumatic stress disorder side. We can turn this into post-traumatic growth and grow together as a community.” Caban said.

Organizations benefiting from the walk are H-3 Adventures, Fire Rescue Support Fund and Veterans Helping Veterans.

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