Missionaries with Claremore ties killed in Haiti in gang attack

A Claremore family is devastated after learning that their son, daughter-in-law and a friend have been killed in Haiti while serving as missionaries. Davy Lloyd’s parents say their son was an amazing young man who wanted nothing more than to dedicate his life to helping others.

Davy grew up in Haiti, speaking there native language before English. He moved only to attend Bible school, where he met his wife Natalie.

At just 23 years old, Davy and Natalie knew they wanted to live in Haiti to help those in need and bring people closer to Jesus.

“He taught school, he preached in church, anything he broke, he fixed,” said David Lloyd, Davy’s father. “(He) was helping some of our young adults build houses, get them started in life, so they could have a life in Haiti.”

Davy’s parents started the church and orphanage nearly three decades ago. They’re still trying to piece together what happened, but I think a gang showed up at the property for a robbery.

“There were three men waiting and they ambushed him, drugged him in the house, beat him and tied him up and then started ransacking the house,” David said.

The Lloyds spoke to Davy after the attack and he told them he would be fine, but then gunfire broke out.

Davy and Natalie were killed on the family property. Their right-hand man of over 20 years, Jude, was also said to have been killed.

It’s hard for them to understand why this happened, but they know that their son died fulfilling his dream of helping the people of Haiti.

“We were yelling he’s gone, he’s gone,” David said. “Physically, yes. But we know he didn’t leave. There is a day when we will be reunited and be with him for eternity.”

The family is working to have their loved ones’ bodies returned to the United States.