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College sports traditionalists are set for an awakening when the 2024-25 athletics calendar year begins this fall. The most recent round of college conference realignments resulted in the collapse of the Pac-12 and the expansion of the remaining four Power 5 conferences. The SEC and Big Ten were the big winners in the most recent round of NCAA realignment, with the SEC adding a pair of powers in Texas and Oklahoma and the Big Ten adding the Pac-12’s four most notable universities: Oregon, Washington, USC and UCLA . These moves made the gap between the ACC and the Big 12 and the Big Ten and the SEC even wider than it already was.

One school that has become the subject of conference realignment discussions is North Carolina. The Tar Heels boast one of the best athletic departments in the country, led by an elite college basketball program and a top-tier Power 5 football program. With the potential for substantial revenue growth a real possibility, it should come as no surprise that UNC officials are considering the school’s best possible affiliation for long-term success. If you love the Tar Heels or just want the latest updates and news on the conference realignment talks, be sure to check out what the proven team of insiders has to say at Inside Carolina, the 247Sports affiliate covering the North Carolina Tar Heels.

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The team at Inside Carolina has full coverage of the conference realignment talks and what UNC might prioritize amid the ever-changing college sports landscape. Head over to Inside Carolina now for all the inside scoop.

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North Carolina is a charter member of the ACC, but as UNC members note, conference allegiance may not matter when it comes to the next round of conference realignment. The Tar Heels, along with Florida State and Clemson, voted against the ACC adding Stanford, Cal and SMU, but were outscored 12-3. Those three schools are now slated to join the conference in 2024.

Under the new College Football Playoff revenue sharing agreement, members of the Big Ten and SEC are now set to receive a substantially larger distribution than the ACC and Big 12. That fact was not lost on UNC officials. “I think our obligation to the ACC is to be the best partner with our conference that we can. I also think we need to look at what is in the best interest of the university today and in the future,” UNC athletics director. Bubba Cunningham told the team at Inside Carolina. Subscribe to Inside Carolina now for the latest news on the upcoming North Carolina Athletic Conference lineup.

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The team at Inside Carolina also mentioned another university that could give the ACC the boost it needs to compete with the Big Ten and SEC in the future. This school has a national following and state-of-the-art programs in revenue-generating sports. Be sure to join Inside Carolina for the latest ACC expansion news and updates on current and future North Carolina Athletic Conference affiliation.

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