Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump’s sons react to guilty verdict in hush money trial

Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images

(NEW YORK) – Ivanka Trump delivered a short — and indirect — social media post Thursday night following her father’s sentencing at his hush money trial.

The former presidential adviser, who a voter protest never intended to support Trump in the first place, and some of that 20 percent is expected to come home to the GOP in November. But some operatives who spoke to ABC News said the verdict could prevent Trump from strengthening Republican support, particularly from the center of the party.

“Moderate voters aren’t crazy to vote for a convicted felon,” said anti-Trump GOP pollster Sarah Longwell.

“The big unknown that no poll can measure and no one will see until Election Day is how many Republicans are staying home instead of voting for a felon,” added veteran Democratic strategist Pete Giangreco. “Look, if 4-5% of current Trump voters go third party or stay home, Biden has a solid shot. That is 2 points. In a state like Wisconsin, Pennsylvania or Michigan, that’s all it would take.”

And while Paddock and other voters who spoke to ABC News either doubled down on Trump or said they were keeping an open mind, others said the conviction slammed the door on the possibility of pulling the trigger on the former president. on election day.

“It’s crazy that we have a former president as a criminal. I think it’s just a sad day for American politics, but I hope it inspires change around the world,” said Matthew Labkovski, a 26-year-old Republican medical student from South Florida who previously decided between voting for Biden, Trump or a third… party candidate and now chooses between voting for Biden and not voting at all.

“He kind of kicked that one,” added Jay Rueda, a Houston Republican and two-time Trump voter. “I think it completely knocks him out of the fight for me.”

ABC News’ Benjamin Siegel, Isabella Murray and Michael Pappano contributed to this report.

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