Interview: ‘Nobody’s Gonna Save You’ Director Brian Duffield Returns to Discuss Kaitlyn Dever, Alien Movies, and More

I’m a big fan of both Brian Duffield and Kaitlyn Dever, each of which is a unique presence in the industry. The former is a highly creative storyteller, while the latter is one of Hollywood’s most underrated actresses. So when they collaborated Nobody will save you, I was very excited. We previously spoke to Duffield here about his wonderful film Spontaneous. When we met on Zoom this time to talk Nobody will save youwe quickly turned our attention to Dever.

In my review of Nobody will save you (here), I had this to say about Duffield’s work:

Filmmaker Brian Duffield, as mentioned above, amazes me Spontaneous (as you can see here) and although this is a more serious work, it is no less impressive. Duffield manages to up the ante and ratchet up the tension for most of the 90-minute run. Not only is there plenty of clever screenplay as well as confident direction, his writing has a real emotion to it. It’s primarily a genre play, but when there’s drama, it really hits. Much of that is due to Kaitlyn Dever, but Duffield shows here that he’s not only a talented writer, but also a director of some note.

Below, you can see my conversation with Duffield. We’re making it a big Dever love fest, as you can imagine, but we’re also talking about what he finds interesting as a director. This applies to Nobody will save you, of course, but also cinema as a whole. He and I are having fun while having a real conversation. If you haven’t seen his movie, it’s on Disney+ and an absolute blast. If you have, it’s highly re-watchable, both for Dever and Duffield’s captivating artistry.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – MAY 18: (L-R) Kaitlyn Dever and Brian Duffield attend the No One Will Save You FYC event at Linwood Dunn Theater in (Hollywood), California on May 18, 2024.
CREDIT: (Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for 20th Century Studios)

Here is now my interview with Nobody will save you director Brian Duffield. Enjoy the:

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