Spokane County Republican Party Criticizes Trump’s Guilty Verdict | Spokane News

SPOKANE, Wash. – The Spokane County Republican Party criticized former President Donald Trump’s bank fraud conviction Friday, arguing the New York trial was unfair.

“The Spokane County Republican Party condemns in the strongest terms this blatantly political and biased trial and conviction,” said party chairman MJ Bolt.

Washington Republicans widely rejected Thursday’s ruling, and Trump supporters rallied in support of their candidate in Spokane Valley Friday afternoon. The county party echoed Trump’s own language about the legal proceedings.

“The allegations against President Trump are baseless and politically motivated. It is clear that this verdict is the result of a partisan witch hunt,” Bolt said.

There is no evidence that President Joe Biden had any involvement or knowledge of the proceedings before they were brought to trial.

Despite the fact that Trump is now a convicted felon, he could still be president if elected by voters in November and is expected to appear on the November ballot in all 50 states.