Supporters Gather for Golf Course Rally Save Mason Rudolph | PHOTOS

CLARKSVILLE, TN (CLARKSVILLE NOW) – Dozens of supporters gathered Friday night for a Save the Mason Rudolph Golf Course rally.

The city of Clarksville recently decided to turn the course into a public park with a playground and athletic fields, citing a decline in use. The city recently reversed course, saying the move would be delayed as they gathered public input.

Rally organizer Terry Ray said: “Let’s be clear, we’re not rallying against anyone, we’re rallying to restore our Mason Rudolph Golf Course, we’re all here together to make it happen.”

Sheena Dixon was there to support her daughter, who is a junior golfer. “We want to keep the course open because it’s an accessible place for kids and beginners to come and try to learn how to play,” Dixon said.

The golf course has a history that spans several decades, and a large number of people started there and still play there today, speakers said. Speakers focused on teaching life lessons, good sportsmanship and building relationships with the younger generation.

At the meeting of the City Council on Thursday evening, other solutions were discussed that could maintain the course.

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