Princeton blames the victim | National Magazine

The recent unrest on our campuses has been very enlightening.

Think about this Tablet article by Princeton student Alexandra Orbuch, who was harassed by one of the Hamas fans and had the temerity to complain about it.

Here is a key paragraph:

In addition to not taking any disciplinary action against the student who assaulted me, the university allowed it it issue a no contact order (NCO) against me. This was despite the fact that NCO policies were very clear that the university would only issue contact orders “if the conflict persists after one person notifies the other person in writing that they do not wish to have any communication with that person.” I did not receive that warning in writing – or any other form – before the NCO was ordered out. The rules were not followed in my case, and despite my attempts to seek clarification, Princeton administrators refused to take this into account and explain this policy violation.

Imagine how different Princeton’s response would have been had this been a Title IX case.