Sale of uniforms, stationery is prohibited in pvt school hyd’bad premises

Hyderabad: Hyderabad District Education Officer R Rohini on Friday issued an order banning private schools (state, CBSE, ICSE) in Hyderabad from asking parents to buy uniforms, shoes, belts, etc., directly from the school or within the school. school premises.

But issuing this order seems to be too late as most schools have already sold most of the items and even the books have been sold at double price, parents pointed out.

According to the order, no school in Hyderabad district should resell uniforms, shoes, belts etc. as per court orders. Sale of books / notebooks / stationery at the school counter, if any, should be non-commercial, no profit and no loss. This initiative aims to prevent parents from being unfairly charged for essential school supplies.

In addition, all DEOs have been invited to constitute a ward level committee to monitor private schools regularly and also ensure that no private school management (CBSE/State/ICSE) running in Hyderabad district they should not sell uniforms, shoes, belts, etc. in the school premises. .

According to the Hyderabad School Parents Association, already 90 percent of the books had been sold and that too at double prices. In CBSE and ICSE schools, the new academic year has already started in March.

There’s no point in issuing an order when it’s only a few days until school reopens. It would be better if the order was issued in March or April.

Further, why this order is only for private schools in Hyderabad district but not for the entire state of Telangana, asked the members of the Association.