The Hermosa Beach grocery store is celebrating its centennial

Granny’s Grocery and Deli in Hermosa Beach has been a local staple for centuries. 100 years on Saturday, actually.

The deli and grocery store will celebrate its centennial anniversary from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., and the community is invited to celebrate. There will be local vendors and musicians, and the shop will even debut a new summer beer they’ve created with local brewers.

Betty and Voc Gregorian, the current owners, told KNX New’s Nataly Tavidian that when they took over the business two and a half years ago, they knew they had some pretty big shoes to fill.

“There was such a story behind it and a nostalgia behind it that, you know, it was always going to be grandma’s, even though I’m not a grandma. It’s in honor of one of the former owners.”

Betty, who worked at Granny’s years ago, said she always wanted the opportunity to run the store.

“I always had this kind of running joke with the previous owner about how I was going to get Grandma if she won the lottery,” she said. “I was serious about one day having the opportunity to take it over.”

Voc said they keep a “hometown feel” to the grocery and deli.

“A lot of people coming here. We know their names, we know their orders sometimes like a big family,” he said. “You know, Hermosa is really tight.”

Although the menu is the same, Betty and Voch have added some new items.

“One of the few new items we added to the menu was the number 13, which is a special number in our family,” she said. “Ironically, it was the next available number for a sandwich, and it’s our Hye Five. The Hye Five in Armenian translates to Armenian. So we thought the only sandwich missing from Grandma’s menu was an Armenian sandwich, as a nod to our heritage.”

Dennis, a regular at Grandma’s who grew up in the neighborhood, said he’s glad Betty has taken over the store.

“They actually made it a better store,” he said.

For more information on Granny’s Grocery and Deli, click here.

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