Milwaukee Brewers Eye Reunion With Julio Teheran For Crucial Start Vs. Phillies

The Milwaukee Brewers are considering a reunion with former shortstop Julio Teheran, who contributed to their success in the 2023 season but is now a free agent after opting out of his minor league contract with the Chicago Cubs.

By the numbers

  • Julio Teheran had a 1.53 ERA through six starts with the Milwaukee Brewers in 2023.
  • Teheran had immediate success upon joining the Brewers, going six or more innings four times.
  • After struggling in subsequent starts and moving to a reliever role, Teheran was eventually released before the end of the regular season.

Yes but

Teheran’s performance dipped in the latter part of the 2023 season, leading to his release as he struggled to maintain his early success.

Game state

  • The Brewers recently optioned starting pitcher Tobias Myers to the minor leagues, potentially creating a spot for Teheran.
  • Teheran, who has been in several organizations since leaving the Brewers, is now a free agent and could fill a void in Milwaukee’s rotation.

What’s next

If he is re-signed by Berari, Teheran’s performance and the return of other pitchers from injury will determine the length of his tenure with the team.


The Milwaukee Brewers are considering reuniting with Julio Teheran, building on his past success with the team as they look to bolster their starting rotation for the upcoming games.