RNG Card Codes (June 2024)

Updated June 3, 2024: New codes have been added!

If card battles in a challenging RPG format sound like your kind of thingfrom Roblox RNG card it’s probably your favorite pastime.

Then again, depending on the RNG, it might not always produce favorable results, leaving you with cards unworthy of the battles you’re taking. The rarest books of RNG card they’re always the strongest, so you’d want to be on top of your game when you throw those decks.

If you’re not feeling lucky enough, don’t worry – that’s where potion codes come in to save the day. Feel free to use RNG card codes listed below to increase your chances of drawing rare cards.

They all work RNG card code list

Play your cards right. Image via Roblox
  • !code 6000 CIRESE—Pick up one speed potion for the event and two luck potions for the event (New)
  • !code GALAXY— Redeem for potions (New)
  • !code 5KISALOT—Exchange for three event speed potions and three event luck potions (New)
  • !code FOUR:O—Reimbursement for 2 lucky potions for events
  • !code THREE?— Redeem for an event speed potion
  • !code 3000—Reimbursement for 3 lucky potions for events
  • !code COMPENSATION— Redeem for a potion of speed II
  • !code FUSIONHAA— Redeem for potions
  • !code YEAR2500— Redeem for potions
  • !code CRYSTAL— Redeem for the Potion.
  • !code FULLK—Exchange for three event speed potions and three event luck potions
  • !code QUARTERBACK— Redeem for a lucky potion for the event
  • !code ONEPOINTFIVE— Redeem for potions
  • !code NBA2K— Redeem for potions
  • !code NURTURE—Exchange for five Event Potions of Speed ​​and one Event Potion of Luck
  • !code WOWZERS200— Redeem for three lucky event potions
  • !code 100LS— Redeem for three lucky event potions
  • !code HALFAK—Exchange for five event speed potions and 10 event luck potions
  • !code PRAYFORHERA— Redeem for five lucky event potions
  • !code 300ISCOOL—Exchange for two potions of event speed
  • !code SPIDER—Exchange for three event speed potions and three event luck potions
  • !code FOHUNNEDMOMMYDAY—Exchange for an Event Potion of Speed ​​and an Event Potion of Luck.

Expired RNG card code list

How to redeem codes in RNG card

Follow these steps to use RNG card the codes I listed above:

  1. Launch RNG card on Roblox.
  2. Select the chat icon and enter the code (make sure to include the !code).
  3. Now press Enter to confirm and redeem the code successfully.

How to get more RNG card codes

I recommend keeping an eye on Card RNGs official Discord channel to keep track of new and expired codes. You can also follow the developer on X (formerly Twitter.

It’s not always convenient to look at social handles for codes. We keep our list of RNG card codes are updated at all times, so tracking them is just a click away.

Why is it mine? RNG card code not working?

If you redeem a code in RNG card shows you an error, make sure you enter it correctly. You should also include the prefix “!code” before each code name.

Codes aren’t permanent, so there’s always a chance that the one you’re trying to use has expired. You can check our updated list to confirm RNG card the code works.

What is it RNG card?

RNG card is an RPG-style card game available to play through Roblox. Players open decks of cards as they plan to draw the rarest cards and use them in player-vs-player or player-vs-environment scenarios. You can increase the ability to drop rare cards by crafting charms and activating potions.

Of course, luck is a big factor here, so if you don’t need it, I recommend using the codes above to get some free Potions.

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