The man claims he “forbade” a stranger to sit next to him on the flight from Dublin Airport

A man has claimed he “banned” a stranger from sitting next to him on a flight to Washington from Dublin Airport.

The man shared his controversial incident on Reddit, which led to massive debate online. The 34-year-old explained that luck shone on him and his wife as they traveled from Dublin to Washington DC.

To their surprise, they got an entire row of seats for themselves when the passenger who was supposed to sit in the aisle didn’t show up. He said: “We were allocated middle and window seats in a row. The aisle passenger didn’t show up, so we ended up having the entire row to ourselves (huge win). Before leaving the gate, I moved to the chair in the aisle and my wife remained at the window.”

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For the first four and a half hours of flight, everything was absolutely fine. The flight attendants even chose to reward them with some extra “missing passenger” perks.

However, mid-flight, things took a turn when another passenger decided to claim the empty seat as her own because she “needed” to get away from a crying baby, the Irish Mirror reports. He said: “She didn’t ask – she told us this was happening. There’s about three hours left in the flight. I ask the woman if the flight attendants are on board with this. She said yes, but because these offers are usually brokered by the flight attendant, I called a flight attendant.

“The flight attendant said the agreement was that he could take an available seat in the aisle but he could not disrupt anyone’s arrangements. The woman then starts complaining about how I was assigned the middle, but then it was moved to the aisle before takeoff, so it shouldn’t be. I actually had that chair in the aisle. We had been there for almost 5 hours and had already distributed our articles to the entire row.”