Kyle Busch gives a sarcastic response before pointing the blame at Kyle Larson

Just before the end of Stage 2 of the Enjoy Illinois 300, Kyle Larson and Kyle Busch ran into each other and went into the wall. Well, at least Busch did. The NASCAR champion was not happy after that.

Kyle Busch hasn’t had the best of luck lately. It’s no secret that he’s upset with the way he raced and the speed the Richard Childress Racing cars had. Today won’t make his mood any better.

Busch had this to say after leaving the care facility:

“I’m sure it’s my fault” Busch said sarcastically. “I hate for my boys, for everyone on the Rebel Camaro. We can’t afford days like this. So, I hate for them to try and compete for a playoff spot and kind of slip (in the standings) there a little bit and just — yeah, it got loose and it wiped us out.”

While Busch was sarcastic that it was his fault, Kyle Larson made i feel like it was car 8’s fault in the end. Larson and his crew were heard on the radio talking about the wreck afterward.

“I mean, it turned into me,” Larson said.

“Yeah, he packed you in like a total idiot,” a crew member was heard to reply.

Sounds like another NASCAR Cup Series drama to me. Then again, it could just be a spur of the moment thing. Busch and his team have far more important things to worry about than another beef.

Kyle Busch is fighting in 2024

Last year, Gateway was Kyle Busch’s brightest moment. It was the pinnacle of his season. The third of his three wins this year, it was indeed his last full race before the end of 2023.

In that race a year ago, Busch had the pole, both stages and the race win. It was a perfect day. This year was a nightmare in comparison. Even though Busch wasn’t going to compete for the win today, he had a chance to compete for a top-5 finish.

There are a few drivers looking for a break this season. Busch might top that list. Speed ​​is non-existent, pit stops are non-existent and consistency is nowhere to be seen. He led the laps today but could never see his strategy play out.

Kyle Busch didn’t need a DNF today. He had to finish at least in the top-10. Now it’s on to Sonoma and hopefully things work out there. On a week-to-week basis, this team is looking for the right moment to capitalize and completely turn this season around.