Carlton Blues tactics that stopped Port Adelaide Power, David King in The First Crack, video, highlights, latest news

Carlton’s “never seen” tactics that shut down Port Adelaide’s back-half guns were highlighted from last Thursday’s boilover at Adelaide Oval.

The Blues blew the power with 36 points after conceding eight goals in the final term to run away with a lopsided win.

And while Michael Voss’ offensive firepower was on full display, his appreciation on the defensive side of the game was praised by Kangaroo great David King.

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That included Zak Butters being held to 23 touches by Alex Cincotta, while Dan Houston was limited to a career-low three scoring involvements.

And the Fox Footy LAB vision is on display First Crack de King highlighted how the Blues were able to contain Houston and Port’s defensive runners.

The first two clips show the Blues players actively chasing Port runners after the home team took a point to nullify the Power overlap and line-breaking ability.

Carlton’s tactics that stopped Port Adelaide’s run.Source: FOX SPORTS

“It was obvious that whenever Port Adelaide got the ball, they weren’t going to be able to give the ball to (Kane) Farrell and Houston,” King began.

“Look at that ability to immediately locate, hit it, look at them turning around and facing, ‘I got him, he’s covered.’ There are no handballs and sliding past the man on the marker.”

Another edit shows Port Adelaide marking the ball just outside the forward 50, with the Blues players facing the opposition to ensure opposition runners don’t steam through.

Carlton’s cunning tactics that stopped Port Adelaide.Source: FOX SPORTS

“I’ve never seen two players face off the wrong way to protect players potentially there for the handball reception with the play behind — I’ve never seen it before,” King said.

The Kangaroos legend believes he was “an outstanding coach” from Voss and company “not to be beaten by what you know”.

“(Voss) knew coming in Farrell and Houston were going to split up the ball-marking guy — the left foot goes that way, the right sub goes that way and we’re going to wait and see who fails the defensive test,” King added. .

“Well, Carlton never failed the test all night.

“They took the impact of Houston and Butters and made others defend in the middle — and they failed.

“That’s why you get the result, outstanding preparation for a hit-and-run mission on the road.”