Below deck, Med Captain Sandy defends the cook who refuses to wake up

Medicines below deck Captain Sandy defends the cook when he refuses to get up at night to cook

(lr) Captain Sandy Yawn, Johnathan Shillingford Fred Jagueneau/Bravo

Captain Sandy Yawn surprised some Under the Mediterranean deck cast members when she was on the side chef Johnathan Shillingford after he stopped waking up to make food for guests late at night.

In the season 9 premiere on Monday, June 3, the indoor team was already dealing with major obstacles when their supplier ran out of alcohol and other important items. Boss stew Aesha Scott she tried to manage without while dealing with her team, Elena Dubaich and Brian Mullerwho both had a lot to learn.

On the first night of the charter, Aesha put Elena in charge, and by midnight, guests were asking for snacks like grilled cheese, macaroni and cheese, nachos and chips with guacamole. Elena tried to call Johnathan for help, despite the fact that he was fast asleep in his cabin.

“I have to wake up the cook. It’s too much food she orders,” Elena said in a confessional. “Sorry chef, they ordered food. It’s too much food for me to do. They want a lot of things. I’ll help you, we can do it together.”

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Johnathan, however, was not interested in getting up. “I don’t think so,” she told Elena without even trying to get up and help in the kitchen.

As a result, Elena tried to find a way on her own to make the guests happy.

“The boats I worked on before – I never made food for drunk people. I feel overwhelmed, I need help,” she remarked before coming up with a plan. “I can just make them grilled cheese and tell them that’s what we have.”

Later, Elena told the guests that they only had grilled cheese on the menu, but they disagreed and kept asking for a substantial amount of snacks. Deckhand Gael Cameron he even tried to help by making the sandwiches while Elena made the drinks. But Elena realized it was too much for her and returned to Johnathan’s cabin.

“I’ll try to wake up the cook one more time,” she explained. “It is not my responsibility to cook meals for guests. Not only can’t they serve cocktails for guests, but they also show that they can’t manage guests. Jono’s selfish behavior makes me look bad.”

Johnathan was confused that Elena came back to ask him to cook again. Elena, for her part, pointed out that Johnathan would look bad if her food was disappointing to the guests.

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“Look, the only reason I came back is because this is going to be a problem. I don’t want you to do this to yourself for something stupid like that,” she said. “They want this food and it’s going to be a big deal.”

In response, Johnathan replied, “What are you talking about? Do nothing. I didn’t sleep enough. I can have grilled cheese sandwiches. You said you could do it.”

Johnathan detailed his frustrations in a confessional. “I hate being woken up. I hate it,” he told the cameras as he made it clear to Elena that he would not be getting up. “Whore, are you stupid? This will not be a good experience for you.”

With the chef refusing to help her, the episode ended with Elena returning to the kitchen to try again to make food on her own, adding: “It’s turning into a big problem. I just wanted to give you a chance to reconsider because I don’t want this whole experience to turn negative because of it. Think about this.”

The trailer for next week’s episode shows Sandy reacting to the drama. “Never wake up the cook,” the captain announced during a team meeting, which visibly upset Elena.

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In another clip, the stew looked visibly upset. “I busted my ass and it became all about waking up the cook,” Elena said through tears. Johnathan also reacted to his and Elena’s problems during a phone call with someone, saying, “That bitch is going to drive me crazy.”

Sandy has been a Below Deck staple since joining the Mediterranean iteration in 2017. The franchise’s first (and only) female captain also made history when she briefly crossed over to the OG series, stepping in to help Captain Lee Rosbach in 2023.

Before the season 9 premiere, Sandy opened up to We weekly about her approach as a leader.

“It’s about giving people opportunities for change. How do you know if people want to change? You’re giving them the opportunity to show you that they’re going to change,” she explained in December 2023 about her support for past co-stars. “Why would they change if no one gives them the chance? Of course I would give them all the opportunity to show me that they will change.”

She added: “Every season comes with its surprises. Listen, imagine working and living together with the same thing. It’s not easy. So I give them a lot of credit for staying power in the midst of it all.”

Under the Mediterranean deck season 9 airs on Bravo Mondays at 9pm ET. New episodes air the next day on Peacock.