NFL Insider drops the hammer on past Justin Jefferson rumors

Prior to signing his huge contract extension on Monday, Minnesota Vikings star Justin Jefferson was the subject of several trade rumors that have now turned out to be completely false.

Any rumors of Jefferson wanting out of Minnesota were not only squashed by the wide receiver signing an extension with the Vikings on Monday, but a notable NFL insider shared some information that helped put the rumors to rest as well.

Shortly after news of the extension was revealed to the public on Monday, ESPN’s Adam Schefter shared that while several teams reached out to Minnesota to see if Jefferson was on the trade block earlier this year, the Vikings reportedly had ” zero intention” ever. trading All-Pro wide receiver.

As excited as Minnesota fans are that Jefferson will sign an extension with the Vikings on Monday, the fan base is probably very excited to not have to read or hear about any more random trade rumors involving the talented pass-catcher who likely was invented. of thin air.

Almost every week, it seemed like a different team’s fan base was convinced their team could trade for Jefferson before the 2024 season began.

But as Schefter confirmed Monday, Minnesota was never going to trade their wide receiver, and anyone who thought they would was actually fooling themselves and wasting their time.

In just four seasons, Jefferson has not only established himself as one of the best (if not the absolute best) receivers in the NFL, but he has quickly become one of the greatest receivers in Vikings history.

With guys like Randy Moss and Cris Carter donning the purple and gold before him, it’s certainly no easy task to already be regarded as one of the best pass catchers in Minnesota franchise history. But that, and a host of other accomplishments, is exactly why the Vikings had no problem making Jefferson the highest-paid non-quarterback in NFL history on Monday.

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