Alex Jones breaks down after claiming he was ‘cheated’

Alex Jones broke down on his show, claiming he had been “conned” by someone after the authorities threatened to shut down his studio.

The information war the host was last in the news after aTexas judge ruled in October that Jones cannot use bankruptcy protection to avoid paying more than $1.1 billion to families Sandy Hook victims who sued him for his conspiracy theories that the shooting was a hoax.

Now, he appeared on his show and broke down while talking to listeners.

“I was targeted for abuse. I was tricked by someone. Secret federal files claimed they were committing crimes,” he said.

“That was untrue, of course… This may be my last performance.”

Jones recently made similar claims on Twitter/X, writing, “Breaking: Feds Attempting To Shut Down Infowars Tonight!” he wrote.

The conspiracy theorist is known for calling Sandy Hook Elementary School a “scam” in 2012 — eventually leading to civil defamation lawsuits in which he was ordered to pay $1.5 billion in judgments to victims’ families.

He continues to make headlines, having been choked unconscious by a martial arts star live during a podcast recording last year.

You also probably didn’t realize that Jones released a video game in early 2024 — and hardly anyone plays it.

The 2D shoot-em-up game, titled Alex Jones: NWO Wars, was released in January.

A description of the game on Steam says: “Play the OFFICIAL Alex Jones video game! A classic arcade shooter where you play as Alex Jones and save the world from the evil globalist plot to turn everyone into pod-eating libtards! “

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