Recount confirms result of Adams County race

HASTINGS, Neb. (KSNB) – It was close, but a story Monday morning confirmed the outcome of the District 6 race for the Adams County Board of Commissioners.

Adams County Clerk Ramona Thomas reported that the recount verified that incumbent Chuck Neumann defeated challenger Mike Tharp by two votes, 196-194. The vote was for the Republican nomination for that seat. Since no Democrats have filed for the position, it is likely that Neumann will continue to represent that district as a commissioner.

The result came after the May 14 primary election. The general election takes place on November 5.

State law requires a recount in elections where there were fewer than 500 votes cast and the margin of victory is less than two percent of the number of votes cast for the winner.

In this case, there were 390 votes cast in the District 6 race. Two percent of Neumann’s total of 196 was 3.92. As the margin of two votes is less than 3.92, a recount was automatically triggered.

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