Fans react to Megan Moroney’s photo shoot with Glen Powell

Megan Moroney’s new song “Never Left Me” is featured in the future Twisters film and while promoting the track on social media, she included a special message for the film’s star, Glen Powell. The country singer kept things business in the caption of her post, but things got a little shady in the comments.

“Glen Powell call me,” writes the “I’m Not Pretty” singer.

Fans were quick to respond and shared sentiments similar to Moroney’s.

“Same girl same,” writes one.

“It’s too real,” chimes in another.

An additional comment reads: “Saying what we’re all thinking.”

Others have shown their support for this would-be celebrity couple. One said Moroney and Powell would make a “powerful couple,” while another encouraged her to sneak into his DMs. Hey, it worked for Kelsea Ballerini and Chase Stokes.

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What song does Megan Moroney have at Twisters Sound track?

Moroney joins a list of country artists featured on the soundtrack for Twisters — arrives in theaters on July 19. Her song “Never Left Me” is a personal track inspired by her childhood home in Georgia. In it he sings about returning to that house after leaving to pursue his dreams.

Other country artists featured on the album include Luke Combs, Miranda Lambert, Lainey Wilson, Jelly Roll and more. Fans have already been introduced to Combs’ song “Ain’t No Love in Oklahoma,” which has been released to country radio. The project will be available the same day the film hits theaters.

Here are the lyrics to “Never Left Me” by Megan Moroney

Verse 1

I left my boots outside by the door like I always do / The same stack of magazines by the kitchen sink, nothing new / The same view out my bedroom window / The same whistle every time the wind blows / I’m back a different me , but it’s good to see the same you


I packed my bags like a bat out of hell / I said, “I’m fine on my own” / Well here I am again / It’s been too long, old friend / If the floors could cry and the walls could talk / I hope that I’d say, “It’s not your fault” / Standing on your front porch, I see / I left you, but you never left me

Verse 2

I bet you knew I’d be back the day you watched me go / Now here you are with open arms even though I told you so / Cross stitch pillows saying “home sweet home” / I didn’t haven’t moved an inch since I’ve been gone / You’ve kept these parts of me I haven’t seen in so long

Repeat Chorus x2


I’m back with a different me, but it’s good to see the same you

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