Aesha Scott on working with Captain Sandy Yawn, Friendship

Aesha Scott does it Under the Mediterranean deck returns for Season 9, and Chief Stew has strong feelings about reuniting with Captain Sandy Yawn.

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“I’ve been wanting to work with Captain Sandy again for a long time,” Aesha says in the video above, which is a preview of the Season 9 premiere (airing June 3). “Over the past few years, Sandy has been like a second mother to me. (My fiance) Scott (Dobson) and I visited (Sandy and Leah Shafer) in Denver… I’m excited to prove to them that I had me. .”

Sandy is equally excited to have Aesha on board.

“Back in the day, when Aesha worked for me, Aesha always went the extra mile. He wanted to please the client,” she says in the clip. “She has that passion and that’s something I admire about her.”

Aesha Scott explains why she felt “pressure” working for Captain Sandy

In a recent interview with The daily preparationAesha said that while she was excited to be working for Sandy again, she was also very nervous about doing so.

“It was really cool because I felt like I had to go, I got to be a woman, I got to be a really good boss stew, and then I come back and I proved to Med and Sandy what I’ve become,” she said. “That’s why it was scary: because I have so much respect for Captain Sandy. I just wanted to show her that I can live up to the standard she wants. I put a lot of pressure on myself.”

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Finally, Aesha stated, “Working with Captain Sandy was incredible… She is so amazing and supportive.”

Aesha Scott talks about her friendship with Sandy Yawn

Outside of their yachting careers, Aesha and Sandy have a friendship that the stew boss described as “so beautiful”.

“I think that the same respect and love that we show for each other on the show and in the workplace is exactly what we accomplish in the world,” she said. The daily preparation. “I feel so lucky to be able to see Captain Sandy in its entirety. There’s a lot more to her than just captaining a boat—not “just” because it’s a huge thing—but there’s more to Sandy than that. She has this beautiful life and a beautiful partner, and I’m so happy for everything she has.”

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