Flash flooding turns Tulsa roads into waterways, more heavy rain possible in coming days – 102.3 KRMG

The brief but heavy rainfall led to some dangerous driving conditions late Monday morning, and with saturated ground and more rain on the way, safety officials want drivers to take precautions.

At times Monday’s water managed to reach deep enough at the intersection of South Sheridan Road and East 43rd Street to leave several drivers stranded as they tried to drive around.

One driver told KRMG he was following another larger vehicle and thought he might pass, but his engine cut out and firefighters had to push him out of the water and into the entrance of a nearby parking lot .

A pickup truck pulling a trailer also got stuck in the intersection, and a city worker told KRMG that three or four more vehicles were hit by high water, but the drivers were able to restart their engines and drive away after what were extracted.

Tulsa Firefighter and TFD spokesman Andy Little spoke with our KRMG reporter at the scene.

“You know, it seems like everybody’s like, well, my car can make it, I’ll be fine, I’m in a hurry,’ for whatever reason,” Little said. “That’s why we always say, if you can’t see the road, you shouldn’t drive on it.”

He said drivers can also get into serious trouble quickly if there’s a ditch on the side of the road and don’t realize they’re going off the road until it’s too late.

Unfortunately, these situations can often lead to drowning.

More rain is expected in the metro over the next couple of days, and with the ground already well saturated, low-lying areas will quickly fill with water.

Drivers are urged to take precautions, slow down to prevent hydroplaning, keep their headlights on to be more visible to other drivers and, of course, avoid driving in high water.