Does Marjorie Taylor Greene’s incessant blame game include her own failings?

Anthony Fauci is back in front of a congressional committee and you know what that means – every empty headed republican populating the far right has reverted to the typical BS.

Representative. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) is at the forefront of the pack as it works to discredit Fauci and only succeeds in showing the incredible selfishness and shortsightedness that helped get Greene elected in the first place.

Not that anyone could ever forget the man after years of COVID and even more time spent trying to bring him down, but for those just waking up from a prolonged coma, Anthony Fauci was the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases for nearly 40 years, before stepping down in 2022 just two years shy of four decades. He was the main force when COVID brought the world to a standstill and worked tirelessly to keep everyone as safe and healthy as possible in the midst of a global pandemic.

He’s also become an instant target of anti-vaxxers and COVID deniers, of which MTG gleefully proclaims itself the queen. She’s been leading the pack for years, furiously attacking Fauci for “forcing” things like masks and social distancing on us, even though Greene herself was among the science-intolerant masses who blatantly refused to follow the COVID protocols.

As a result of these denials and public figures like Greene continuing to provide false narratives about COVID, millions of people have been lost to the virus. In the United States alone, more than a million people have died between the start of the spread of COVID and today, and we continue to see victims of the virus filling hospital beds even four years after the first reported case.

And despite definitive evidence that his policies have helped save lives through the pandemic, Fauci still faces criticism for his attempts to keep COVID deaths to a minimum. As she returns for another round of grueling questions from the politically motivated representatives, Greene makes sure her voice rings above the rest.

The glassy-eyed twit took on X for repeating the same empty arguments we’ve been hearing for years, but her attempt to establish a new slogan for the anti-vax movement fell flat. (Stop trying to do the takeover, Marj.)

Most people died expressly because they ignored the policies Fauci put in place, but good luck getting through Greene’s thick brick skull. Conspiracy queen that she is, Greene went on to claim that COVID was “created in a lab”, (Unproven) that “vaccine injuries” are rampant, (False) and that the cover-up was “unnecessary” ( Proven false).

It’s a classic mess from Trump’s best student, and it got exactly the reaction you’d expect. No support, despite Greene’s clear attempts to appeal to the anti-vax masses, but an overwhelming pushback as people pointed out how many falsehoods are vying for dominance in Greene’s pre-pubescent crisis of a tweet.

It also works to highlight how little impact Greene has had in his three years in office. She is among the most incompetent and unimportant members of Congress, with a record that includes as much promoting conspiracy theories as the COVID lies. Those “Jewish space lasers” aren’t real, and neither is Greene’s narrative about Fauci, but she’ll keep the lies going until the cows come home—or until we get her out of Congress for good.

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