Jammu plunges into darkness after winds disrupt power supply

SRINAGAR: Light rains accompanied by strong winds on Monday night brought relief from the scorching heat in Jammu but also led to power cuts in several parts of the city, officials said.

Incidents of trees falling and walls collapsing were also reported in the city. Gusty winds, followed by light rains, brought down the temperature, which had reached 42.7 degrees Celsius earlier in the day.

Efforts to restore power and clear fallen trees from roads are underway, they said.

Two motorcyclists sustained minor injuries when a tree branch fell in Gandhi Nagar area of ​​Jammu city. Besides, five vehicles were damaged in Shakti Nagar after a wall collapsed on them, officials said.

Lightning struck an area in Udhampur district, causing minor damage to a temple, while in Gujjar Nagar area, a mobile tower on top of a residential house collapsed. No casualties were reported in the two incidents, officials said.