Five lucky people hit major jackpots at the Minnesota casino

Imagine starting your summer with an amazing jackpot win! What would be the first thing on your to-do list? Maybe you’d get tickets to every concert on your bucket list, go on a luxury family vacation, or finally build your dream pool in your backyard.

That fantasy just came true for five lucky people in Minnesota. These guys are about to have the best summer of their lives after hitting up a casino in Minnesota.

If you or a loved one is experiencing a gambling problem, contact 1-800-GAMBLER for resources.

Last month, we shared the exciting news of four people who enjoyed playing slots. Now, the Minnesota casino is celebrating five more lucky winners! Check out the incredible amount earned by each of them below.



Slot machines are the most popular gambling choice in the United States by far. Walk into any casino in Minnesota and you will see most of the guests captivated by these bright and noisy machines

People love them because they are simple to play and offer a chance to win big money. Recently, five lucky individuals hit massive jackpots at a Treasure Island Resort and Casino, making these machines even more appealing. See the most recent winners below.

The first winner placed a bet of 60 cents and won more than $21,000.

The second winner won even more. This person turned a lucky $1 bet into a jackpot of over $33,000.

Treasure Island is located at 5734 Sturgeon Lake Rd in Welch, Minnesota.

The third winner they congratulated on social media won $119,831!

Treasure Island Resort and Casino has nearly 2,000 slot machines and plenty of other gaming options such as table games, poker rooms, video poker and keno.

The fourth winner, congratulated late last week, won more than $91,000.

And the last winner didn’t play a slot, but video poker instead.

This person drew a royal flush and won $40,000!

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