Alex Jones laments selling farm to pay Sandy Hook shooting families

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones had the audacity to burst into tears The Alex Jones Show on his financial situation, which included selling his farm to pay a $1.5 billion settlement to the Sandy Hook families he harassed.

Jones is an alt-right radio talk show host who has made a career out of spreading outlandish and dangerous conspiracy theories. He is among the most vocal of the right-wing extremists who espouse the bogus conspiracy theory that the Sandy Hook tragedy never happened.

The Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting occurred in 2012 and remains the deadliest elementary school shooting in US history. 26 people died in the shooting, including 20 elementary age children. Unfortunately, instead of standing with the families who were affected by this horrific massacre, many conservatives are unhappy that the incident was used to highlight the dire need for gun control. As a result, conservatives like Jones began spreading lies that the tragedy never happened.

A few hours after the shooting, he began his attacks. While families were still waiting to hear if their children had survived, he immediately began to claim that the tragedy was staged. After some parents spoke at a news conference the night after the shooting, Jones mocked them and claimed they didn’t look like grieving parents. Over the years, he continued to spread lies that the Sandy Hook shooting never happened and that the parents and children involved were paid actors. Parents of children killed in mass shootings have listened to Jones tell them their children never died or even existed and suffered harassment, death threats and even shootings from the conspiracy theorist’s followers. At least one parent was forced into hiding.

Now, though, Jones thinks we should be sorry it.

Alex Jones is fake crying over his financial situation

Recently, a clip from The Alex Jones Show went viral in which Jones is allegedly suddenly overcome with sobs. However, he is not crying over the pain Sandy Hook has caused the families. Instead, he is crying foul over a farm and other potential losses related to his bankruptcy. After years of peddling lies, Jones was finally hit with a defamation lawsuit from the families and ordered to pay them up to $1.5 billion. The conspiracy theorist and his company, Free Speech Systems, filed for bankruptcy in 2022, but a judge ruled he could not use the bankruptcy filings to avoid paying the settlement.

As a result, he recently sold his farm to pay his mounting legal fees, with the remaining money set to go to the Sandy Hook families, who have yet to receive a single cent from Jones. The conspiracy theorist soon decided to throw him a pity party as he began to cry, claiming that the “feds” were confiscating his assets and trying to shut down his show. Through tears, he declared: “I’m not trying to be dramatic here, but it was a tough fight. These people hate our children.” Despite allegedly being overcome with sobs, no actual tears were observed. Also, no “feder” broke the doors or closed it. He is simply in danger of losing his show in addition to the farm due to bankruptcy and failure to use his assets and resources to pay the Sandy Hook families.

Essentially his public downfall was him seeking mercy for his financial situation… which is a direct result of driving grieving parents into hiding and adding to their unimaginable pain by denying the death of their children. While many of Jones’ staunch right-wing followers continued to defend him, many social media users called out this pathetic display of fake tears and highlighted parts of the Sandy Hook families’ suffering that didn’t draw tears to him Jones.

Jones believes he deserves mercy for facing justice after years and years of relentless harassment of the families who lost their children in the Sandy Hook tragedy. No one should feel sorry for this man who should have lost his show years ago for using it to attack grieving families and whose loss of a farm is nothing compared to the losses on that Sandy Hook families experienced.

This man has shed more tears over selling his farm and claiming the feds are coming from him than he has remorse for what he did to the innocent families of Sandy Hook who were not allowed to properly grieve because he saw the opportunity to make money. from their pain.

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